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VRAC, Burgos, Santboiana and Ciencias meet in the semi-finals

VRAC, Burgos, Santboiana and Ciencias meet in the semi-finals

The four local favorites: VRAC Quesos Entrepinares, Recoletas Burgos, Ciencias Enerside and Santboiana, made it to the Division of Honor semi-finals after winning their quarter-final matches. Merino brought that up 0-10 initially to take down AMPO Ordizia. Aparejadores also had to come back against a combative Cisneros who led the scoreboard for most of the match. Ciencias – despite Mateo’s red card – conducted his match against El Salvador with solvency. La Santboiana took on the derby against Barcelona in the last match in a lively and even match.

In the semifinals, VRAC will host UE Santboiana while Burgos will play Ciencias for a place in the final.

EU Santboiana 38-31 Barcelona Rugby

It took two minutes for the Serie A champions to open the scoring at Baldiri Aleu thanks Gaston VillaWhich made clear Santbuiana’s intentions to continue defending the league title. But Barcelona Rugby showed great reflexes and every attempt by the locals responded with points.

© Jordi Elías-UES

Tied at 31, they would reach the final ten minutes of the game and the score would not move again until 80. Oryol PujolWith great personal work among four defenders, he championed the Spanish rugby dean by achieving test victory and certifying his semi-final success.

Recoletas Burgos 32 – 22 Complutense Cisneros

Gonzalo Vanessa He has been the great protagonist at San Amaro since with 17 points, including a drop, he led Cisneros Complutense To stand up against one of the fittest teams in the final stretch of the season. Recoletas University Burgos in Burgos He did not succeed in imposing his game until the novice media partner entered his field, again bye And Thomas Carewwho tackled the collegiate pair and led their team to the next round of the league.

© Juan Carlos Ogazon

Real Ciencias Enerside 36-12 SilverStorm El Salvador

Real Ciencias Enerside did not give SilverStorm El Salvador an option in La Cartuja, as he put in a great game, despite playing in numerical inferiority from the 32nd minute. Six scientific tests, carried out by two schoolboys, revealed the attacking potential of Manolo Mazo’s team that will. Seeking to storm San Amaro next week.

© Sarah Cabezas

VRAC Entrepinares Cheese 28 – 17 AMPO Ordizia

current King’s Cup champion, VRAC Entrepinares CheesePepe Rojo’s suffering began ever since Jolene Joya and foot Valentine’s cross They put Ambo Ordesia in front. But the team Diego Merino found his captain again, Kalu Kalu JavediAnd from the 37th minute they were taking the lead until the end of the match, which was reached with a score of 28-17.

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