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Ravi Bina celebrates her 46th birthday

Ravi Bina celebrates her 46th birthday

The curve has already started to shift towards 50 and the product Ravi Pena The celebration started early.

He shared a series of photos with his family on Instagram, and sent a message to his followers on his channel on the same social network, as he turned 46 today, July 4.

“I was born at 10:42 p.m., but I already feel like I’m in my 50s. I am happy to have people who fill me with happiness, including thousands I do not know, but they were always present and brought me good feelings!”

In the shared photos, she is seen hugging her partner, singer Natti Natasha, along with her three older children and their daughter Vida Isabel.

“The greatest reward in life is to have someone to share it with. Having a safe home with a family that loves you, supports you and encourages you is the best gift in the world. Already in my 50s, but happy with the journey #46 He said in the post: July 4th.

Pina’s partner joined in the virtual celebration by posting a video of her entertaining him with cupcakes and thanking him by acknowledging her and the rest of the family as his gift.

On the Instagram account of the minor from Pena Gutierrez’s home, a montage of photos also appeared showing the father and son making the same faces.

Pena, who remains under house arrest at his home in Miami, Florida, could complete his sentence for a weapons violation on Sunday, July 21, according to a recent update from the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP).

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