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Rau Alejandro broke the silence about his breakup with Rosalía and spoke about the alleged infidelity that haunts him

Rau Alejandro broke the silence about his breakup with Rosalía and spoke about the alleged infidelity that haunts him

In 2023, one of the love breakups that stole the cameras the most was that of singers Rau Alejandro and Rosalía. The two artists were about to get married, but from one moment to the next, they declared that the love between them was over.

Specifically, among the latest, the Puerto Rican spoke about the alleged infidelity with a Colombian woman and other information.

Recently, the translator of “Punto 40” interviewed Chente Ydrach. In this space, after a long time, he broke the silence regarding the separation from the Spanish singer.

It has been almost four years in which Rao and Rosalía shared and maintained a loving relationship. As for the Puerto Rican singer, during that period they were not involved in the controversy.

Rao and Rosalía's breakup was one of the most controversial breakups of 2023. | picture: Getty Images

“People could see our relationship and it was a very positive relationship, it wasn't toxic at all, it was very nice. And let it go the other way, well no.”The Latin artist said.

However, Rao pointed out what happened after the breakup was announced, specifically saying that something went wrong in the sense that digital scenarios and social media started creating a whole. bubble Media.

“I learned from this that if it happens again, I'll come out quick and say what happened, and I won't let speculation form. He stressed that it leads to no shit.

This is how the artist reacted to the hit he received from a fan on a cell phone.

Alejandro spoke at the ceremony. | picture: Getty Images

Alleged treason

After the rumor spread… Valeria herself had to make statements so that the situation would not lead to further gossip. In addition, one X user pointed out that it is all an invention, but the truth is that this problem is still haunting Rauw.

In the words of Rosalia's ex-fiancé: “Men already have this stigma that 'bad guys', and I don't blame them, they have a bad reputation.”

The above, taking this into account Even the statements Rosalia made at the time did not free him from the alleged infidelity.

Thus, Rau Alejandro opened his heart and ended the aforementioned interview with the expression: “It was a little frustrating because I was always presenting myself as a person, with the aim of respecting both of them.”

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