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Sonia Curtis is angry on Instagram: “They are stealing my content”

Sonia Curtis is angry on Instagram: “They are stealing my content”

A few weeks ago, the dancer and singer Sonia Curtis has announced its debut on the popular content subscription platform OnlyFans.

“I've got great news for you. This lady is just, yeah, just, starting now, so keep an eye on my networks,” the 61-year-old actress and comedian said on 'Bokra'. Instagram.

Tonight, with the honesty and transparency that characterize her, the model took to the same platform to denounce that “bad people, envious people, trolls, bad moods, bad feelings and toxicity” are stealing her content.

“This profile I am providing here is fake, it does not belong to me, they are taking money, because they have a 'link' to it and they are stealing my content. I have nothing in common with the social network 'Tweeter' (Twitter, now X) or whatever it is called Now I don't use it, I don't own it, and the pigs win at my expense.”

“Mami Sonia,” as she is known in the entertainment world, asked her followers to report the page.

“Don't patronize dirty people who haven't done anything to move forward. I'm not dumb and I don't live stream about this because I always state… I am. To those dirty people, remember that karma exists and life is a rebound, let the tables turn and you receive What she deserves is in the place that hurts her the most. Then don't ask yourself why,” he said.

In the same way, Curtis came to the producer's aid Jorge Pabon “Molosco”dancer Elias Baral And content creator Shanti yidrash.