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It's on fire!  New photos of Kanye West's wife spark controversy

It's on fire! New photos of Kanye West's wife spark controversy

Controversial American Kanye West, does not stop causing a stir on social networks. In recent months, he and his wife have produced, Bianca Sensoria series of events that leave little to the imagination, the last incident that occurred Italy They were caught in an uncomfortable position and accused of committing sexual acts in public on a boat.

And the West now Yes, He welcomed the year by uploading some posts on his Instagram account, which he suddenly deleted, in which his wife can be seen practically naked. Causing a series of comments sexualizing his wife, the photos show only high-waisted panties or a corset and a black bikini that briefly covers her nipples.

Only some pictures have a title “No pants this year” also “Did something fall?” In which Sgt Looking at the Earth is the only text that accompanies the images. One of the reasons for the rapper's divorce Kim kardashianIt was because she was a woman “Very sexual”, When he does exactly the same thing to his current partner.

“What if this is one of your daughters? Are you saying that the man who took and spread her loves her? Do you respect her?” “Imagine that north [su hija mayor] She gets married and her husband spreads her like this.” “This is disgusting”, “What a disaster”, “She is your wife and you are treating her like a doll”, “But what are you trying to achieve with this?”, It's partly the comments seen on the post that has so far received 2 million likes.