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Rania from Jordan and Pippa Middleton with a similar design

Rania from Jordan and Pippa Middleton with a similar design

The coronation of Charles III as King of England, which takes place on Saturday, May 6 in Westminster Abbey, has also become a whole catwalk for outfits in a “royal” key., following, in a certain way, the most “prostatitis” protocol. There are so many well-known faces that were showcased at the event today with the ‘Azos’ that left us speechless. Without going any further, Queen Letizia, who opted for a pink two-piece suit that was resplendent with it. Most of the guests for this celebration chose shades of blue and pink. It’s the colors that prevailed alongside pastel tones on this rainy day in London. For this reason, we found it intriguing and noteworthy that two of the guests whose style was analyzed with a magnifying glass were among the most stylish women. Exactly match the same color and similar dress design. We are talking about Rania from Jordan and Pippa Middleton.

Rania and Pippa coincide with similar looks at the coronation of Carlos III

Pippa Middleton arrived at the ceremony in a yellow coat-type dress signed by the British brand “Claire Michelin”, a shade that compliments her skin tone. The headgear that accompanies the “appearance” is also of the same colour. Kate’s sister is one of the most stylish women in the UK and usually chooses pieces that enhance her figure and highlight her natural beauty.

On the other side, Queen Rania of Jordan arrived at the coronation with a design in the same pastel hue, a dress in this case with a bow neck by designer Tamara Ralph. Leaves the shoulders bare. This gown also has a chiffon body in the same color and a Perkins neckline which has given the design a different touch. Rania wore it with white shoes and a Bottega Veneta handbag. Close the outfit with a hood and netting to match the color of her dress. As for the jewelry, it was very excessive, we only saw her with an oval ring.

Pippa Middleton and Rania Jordan Coronation of Charles of England

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