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Quito faces his worst political moment as leader of the opposition |  International

Quito faces his worst political moment as leader of the opposition | International

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections this week Juan Quito in 2022 In Venezuelan society it has gone unnoticed. The false consensus reached between the Democrats, the decision to reduce their bureaucratic apparatus and the attempt to create a constitutional interpretation of its boundaries did not alleviate the sense of insignificance.

For an important part of the national public opinion, the interim presidency is an abstract summary that cannot promote any change to democracy: it can only be justified to maintain jobs and guarantee the salaries of the workers who occupy it. , Have been charged with administrative irregularities. But, distrust, indifference and Emotional dissociation is also experienced in a section of the opposition, The announced agreement indicates that, for the time being, there is no strategic approach to change it. Everyone, including his critics, approved the extension on Monday.

But despite renewing his mandate for another year as interim president, Juan Quito faces his most decisive political moment today. The enthusiasm of the citizens cooled; Critics rise in their own order; It lacks the tools to deal with Chavismo and faces accusations of mismanaging resources managed by the interim government. He will be particularly exposed to the official judicial machinery.

The extension of the mandate to Juan Quito, as expressed in the amendment of the Interim Act approved in 2019, was made possible due to Volundat Popular (party of Leopoldo Lopez and Juan Quito) and Primaro Justice (party of Julio Borges and Henrik). Gabriels) were compelled by circumstances to seek an agreement to reach a point of equilibrium that would force them to give up mutually exclusive aspirations.

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Compromise, among other things, is the result of pressure from international opposition allies, particularly the United States, and other G-4 allies known as the main opposition, with intense mediation. In the previous legislature: first justice, democratic action, the will of the people and a new time.

After concluding several rounds of consultations with legal experts and experts on constitutional law, Primero Justicia abandoned its intention to subordinate the opposition-controlled Quito administration to parliament in the 2015 elections.

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The Popular Will had to compromise on abandoning the option of retaining office indefinitely and continuing to restrict the interim presidency due to deficiencies considered in the law. Diplomatic representatives from the current interim government, which recognizes Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim president, have been reduced from the early 60s to the 10th.

The constructed map satisfied the opposition representatives. Delsa Solórzano of Encuentro Ciudadano, who expressed her disagreement with the first drafts, later endorsed: “The only legitimate institution in the country, recognized by the democratic world, will be the only remaining national assembly elected in 2015. Venezuela cannot disappear, the republic cannot be handed over. “We know this is not very dangerous and easy, but the interests of the country are paramount,” he said.

But despite attempts to reach a consensus with the advice of several prominent lawyers, they did not stop the rain of criticism from falling on him. Egley Gonzalez Lopado, a political scientist and law doctor at Venezuela’s Central University, called the law’s reform “a defamation that integrates the executive and legislative functions of an individual.” “Serious action has been taken to guarantee the continuity of the abused Guaidó, arguing that we are defending democracy, arguing that it is more of a political issue than a legal issue, and that they have confiscated legislation that guarantees a permanent stay in power. We run the risk of being considered in the zone, ”he says.

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Gonzalez Lopado predicted that the move would increase Maduro’s hostility. This is a situation that is difficult to understand. It would undermine the peaceful ways we must seek to get out of this national tragedy without further shock.

The opposing maze

The extension of a new decree for Guaidó, which at this time pops up the panorama of the Venezuelan opposition, cannot hide the clear emotional and descriptive cracks that are drowning in a new loss today. In particular, divergent voices are growing within factions of the Primiro Justice and Axion Democratica parties, which are questioning the obsolescence of the interim office and the fatigue of the path drawn in 2019 to make it possible for Venezuela to regain full democracy.

Algeria Rios, a political analyst, believes that “the interim government has collapsed as a plan. The only purpose of supporting it is to protect Venezuelan assets abroad, to save them from Maduro’s hands, and to secure the ultimate transition to democracy in the country.”

Rios, a journalist and writer, considers Guaidó’s initiative to be titanic and recognizable: “Guaidó’s weakness has a lot to do with the lack of internal support. It is difficult to form a movement for national unity around him. There are many who want the president with the determination to have.

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