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Prospera will treat Hondurans like aliens by demanding $ 260 residency

Prospera will treat Hondurans like aliens by demanding $ 260 residency

San Pedro Sula

The Jeet Prospera, Which creates Neve Capital LLC In Rotten, treating Hondurans as foreigners would require foreigners to pay between $ 260 and $ 1.3000 a year, subject to the rulings of foreign judges.

In an article published a month ago in the magazine Journal of Special Jurisdictions, George Colindress, defense attorney ProsperousHe explained, “Electronic government fees for Honduran citizens from $ 260 to non-Honduran (…) up to 3,300 per year when entering into a physical residency contract.”

Honduran and foreign natural and legal persons must apply for residency (physical or electronic) https://portal.eprospera.hn. At this site, the user, while performing this administration, accesses and pays for “electronic administration services” and automatically submits to the decisions of an arbitral tribunal in the event of a dispute with Prospera.

According to the 3 keys of the law. Carlos Pineda, technical secretary, said repealing the law would have consequences.

Jeet population.
1- Jeet population. “The law prescribes the possibility of its repeal, but establishes two conditions: a referendum must be held when there is a population within the zeitgeist. All three zeitgeist have no population at this time.

2- The waiting period. “However, the law states that a 10-year waiting period is required. The reason for that period is because Jeet has made an investment. All three Jeets have already invested $ 50 million because no one did it with the expectation of earning revenue.

3- Effects. The repeal of the law will have consequences for the state of Honduras, according to Pineta. “Investments in the United States and the European Union are supported. We have pre-existing agreements to protect investments against an indirect acquisition, ”he said.

In order for a Honduran or a foreigner to obtain a residence, they have to “go through an investigation process, precisely because it is a federation,” explained Carlos Pineta Pinel, Jeet’s technical secretary. United States (Investor) must comply with all international regulations relating to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism. ”

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With the document, “A Honduran may have a beach house there or he can stay and operate from there. In the end, it will be a beautiful community with good services, “said Pineda Pinel, one of the creators of Zede’s Organic Law. Prospera provides electronic residences, which means Estonia allows international companies to exercise their authority within that jurisdiction.

But from the point of view of Paula Bonilla, attorney for the Bay Islands region’s defense circle, the sale of apartments makes that clear Prosperous Rising fresh Condition Inside Honduran StateOr, though Government Tell the opposite.

Art. 303 of the Constitution

The power to administer justice comes from the people and is provided free of charge by independent judges and judges on behalf of the state (…)

“At the beginning of this fight, that was the greatest pain we ever felt: we felt like aliens in our own land. It was a room in the face of Hondurans. It was a shame to go to this extreme. Prosperous It believes it is above the rule of law and it is on the people of the border. They embrace this power to run. The people of Honduran must stand up, ”said Bonilla.

Bonilla hopes the government will listen to various departments and institutions such as the Council for Higher Education (CES), businessmen, the National Anti-Corruption Council (CNA), municipalities, the Honduran College of Economists (CHE), and the College of Biologists. Honduras (CPH), Honduras (SIMEC), College of Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineers, UN and dozens of other organizations, so the National Congress is canceled this week Organic law of seed.

“We hope Congress repeals it Jeet Law, Harming Hondurans, against the sovereignty of having representatives where they are. They failed in front of the Honduran people by enacting a law in favor of a group that abuses sovereign power National Congress”, He revealed.

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Prospera offers electronic residences provided by Esponia

Carlos Pineta Finel, Jeetin Technical Secretary.

According to academics and lawyers, Prosperous It is a violation of the constitutional right of the independent movement to require housing in a part of the territory that is normal. State of Honduras.

“It simply came to our notice then. It is very outrageous that a Honduran is a foreigner in his own country. The Constitution gives us the right to operate freely throughout the national territory and to settle wherever one wishes. Prospera controls independent movement in the national region and gives us a different treatment. Since it is a foreign company it says that when we give Hondurans compulsory residence it will give us accommodation. This is detrimental to sovereignty, ”said Ramon Enrique Barios, a Una professor and former sentencing judge in San Pedro Sula.

When these civil society organizations pressed for the repeal of the law, Prospera did not stop its plan. Residents will have to pay the corporate government for all essential services, including housing and justice, once they live there, which will be provided by private companies registered outside the country. Prospera Arbitration Center LLC

Prospera Arbitration Center LLC (PAC) is a Texas limited liability company that, through its panel of judges, will download a service contract from the https://pac.hn website “after starting the party” and return it to be signed into the legal package. hn, with a brief statement of the nature of the case.

The arbitral tribunal was made up of foreign judges, including Susannah Tokubil, Mark Higgins, Martin Clapper, Pablo Palma and Ilia Shapiro. The best referees for him are John Gemill, John Belander and Kenneth Mangam.

It features high-ranking referee John Blander and referees Pablo Palma (for business matters), John Jemmel (Darts), Martin Clapper (Boral), Ilya Shapiro (exit), Kenneth Mangnam (civil fines semi-offender) and Mark Higgins (dangerous activity). Only one Honduran, Ricardo Gonzalez, appears as the “arbitrator” in the structure.

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By demanding residency, Prospera violates the right to freedom of movement

Ramon Enrique Perios, Lawyer and former sentencing judge

Contrary to what is happening Honduras, Citizens seek justice for free in different cases of the justice system or when labor issues come up in the Ministry of Labor, they will have to pay in Prospera.

Arbitration services, as shown by the PAC on its website, are unaffordable by a citizen who does not reside there. “Fees in trial court or other appellate court” will vary depending on the amount in dispute. For example, “If the plaintiff files an initial claim, a claim or third party claim may include (a) cash damages for an amount settled in full relief or b) a claim for full and final resolution (. ..) as an administrative fee. 1,000.00 and an hourly rate for arbitration services provided, monthly, based on the seniority of the chief arbitrator (…).

Former Judge Perios considers this to be “one of the legal consequences of being approved by the Supreme Court to create special jurisdictions”. “The jurisdiction of the state of Honduras has been broken by the relinquishment of that constitutional power (established by Article 303 of the Constitution). It is outrageous and unconstitutional. ) And will be subject to Anglo-Saxon law, ”he said.


The advisory board consists of former presidents Coheb Rejected A lot.

“We urge investors not to risk their capital unless this situation is resolved. Honduras It has the tools to make safe investments within the framework of our laws and respects our Constitution, which for many years has already created a favorable environment for the development of its plans, ”the statement said.