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Facebook will pay $ 14 million to sue in support of hiring foreigners  Technology

Facebook will pay $ 14 million to sue in support of hiring foreigners Technology

Facebook employees walk into the company’s Menlo Park facility in November 2019.Image Alliance (Image Alliance via DTP / Getty I)

Facebook has struck a deal with the Department of Justice and Labor to pay more than $ 14 million in discrimination against U.S. workers. The technology company was sued by the Donald Trump government in late 2020 for illegally allocating jobs to highly trained foreigners. This amount represents the largest fine ever collected by the U.S. Department of Justice in 35 years and is a new blow to the technical colossus just weeks after a series of leaks that further tarnished its reputation.

“Facebook is not outside the law and must comply with federal laws prohibiting discriminatory recruitment and hiring practices,” said Kirsten Clark, a civil rights lawyer in a statement issued by the Department of Justice. Company of Mark Zuckerberg $ 4.75 million to the state and $ 9.5 million to some of the victims. Part of the agreement reached is that the company is obligated to train its trainers to avoid discrimination and expand the boundaries in the search for job seekers.

The deal, announced Tuesday, could be modeled on Donald Trump’s “America First.” The lawsuit against Facebook was launched by the Department of Justice in the last days of the Republican presidential administration in December 2020, when he pledged to protect the interests of American workers forgotten by the growth of other economies. The prosecutor began the case after noticing that foreigners with H-1B visas were offered at least 2,600 positions between January 2018 and September 2019. This visa is for specially trained foreign workers. Facebook has promised to formalize with a prestigious permanent residence Green card, For those employed under that scheme.

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Facebook, the lawsuit states, “used designer recruitment methods to encourage U.S. employees to apply for certain positions, meaning that only applications should be mailed; He refused to consider American workers who applied for these positions and hired only those with temporary visas. The judiciary, after an investigation earlier this year, found that the company violated the same rules that prevented immigrants from being rejected in the hiring process: no one can be discriminated against by their employer because of their citizenship or their circumstances.

This need was perceived by analysts as increasing tensions between the Silicon Valley giants and the Trump administration, who are critical of the number of foreigners in the technology sector. The Republican administration rejected 21% of H-1B visa applications in 2019, a sharp increase from the 6% denied under the Barack Obama administration in 2019. Trump This type of visa is completely prohibited The first newcomer to power twice, 2017. The second was in June 2020, a decision made in the midst of an epidemic that was overturned in court by the judiciary.

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