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Who is the crew of the submarine Titan: Here we tell you

Who is the crew of the submarine Titan: Here we tell you

A The shocking news shook the world Underwater exploration, from submarine search efforts The remains of the Titanic It contains The Atlantic is lostAnd given by the operating company The crew members were killed.

This tragedy has demanded Lives of Three British Billionaires, A Experienced French team member With great knowledge Titanic and owner At the mouth of the ocean. Here we tell you who they are.

How much does it cost to travel on a titan submarine?

Sailing the Titan submarine required a substantial investment. with costand $250,000 By Travelers and rigorous training Pre-trip inspector Only the rich can be a part of the group of the elect.

They are the crew of a submarine:

Shahjada and Sulaiman Dawood

Shahjata DawoodA resident of Pakistan Britain , and his son Suleiman were aboard the Titan submarine. The family is part of the wealthy elite Pakistan with commercial interests Inside CaliforniaSet off on Sunday in search of an adventure exploring the wreck of the Titanic.

Shahjata was a consultant to the Prince Foundation And was part of the system Global Advisory Board, focused on working in Pakistan. His wife Christine and their daughter Alina, in a statement, expressed thanks and prayers for their family’s safe return, but unfortunately that was not to be.

Hamish Harding

Hamish Harding, another billionaire traveler, was known for his exploratory spirit. I had received 16 airspeed recordsIncluding going around the Earth very fast through the poles North and South in one plane.

In 2016, he joined Buzz Aldrin On a trip to Antarctica, Aldrin became the oldest person to reach it The South Pole is 86 years old. Four years later, Harding returned with his 12-year-old son Giles, becoming the youngest person to reach the South Pole.

Additionally, he had done a dive 12-hour Challenger DeepThe deepest point of the ocean floor. Lived in Dubai With his wife Linda and their children Rory and Giles. Action Aviation was establishedA company dedicated to buying and selling private jets, he was the Middle East president of the Explorer Club, a global organization focused on advancing exploration.

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Paul-Henri Narjolet

Paul-Henri NarjoletKnown as “Monsieur Titanic”, a former officer in the French Navy and participated in the first expedition to visit the remains youYoTonic in 1987. As an expert diver, he reached 3,810 meters to reach the famous shipwreck.

With extensive experience in deep diving and submersible flight, Narjolet is a diving record holder. 10,928 meters and visited the remains Titanic 35 times. In addition, he worked The RMS recovers artifacts from the Titanic wreckSome of them were auctioned for millions of dollars NY. The French expert lived in Connecticut, and his older children lived in Cork, Ireland.

Stockton Rush

founder, OceanGate CEO and Owner, Stockton Rush, He was also in the missing submarine. The company confirmed the sad news by announcing that the passengers were presumed dead. Urge to explore underwater At the mouth of the ocean His sense of discovery and adventure.

The team had planned to go under the sea and return to the surface on Sunday afternoon. 12 hours later. However, at 9 p.m:13 Saturday, The submarine never returned and was reported missing, leaving loved ones and the world in mourning. Sadness and shock.

Officers We are working hard to find the cause of this tragedy and find the missing submersible. Meanwhile, the world mourns the loss of these intrepid explorers and their contributions to the field of exploration and adventure. May their names and traditions live on in the memory of those who admire the brave spirit Curiosity to explore the unknown.

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