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A 54-year-old Cuban was arrested in Miami for multiple cell phone thefts

A 54-year-old Cuban was arrested in Miami for multiple cell phone thefts

A 54-year-old Cuban resident of Miami, identified as Orelvi Hernandez Montero, was arrested by Nashville police in the United States and remains in jail on charges of robbery and a misdemeanor. Police report Published This week.

Information indicates that the aforementioned cell phone theft is under investigation, specifically for the iPhone brand. The robberies, which authorities consider part of a highly organized criminal activity. All of this was sparked after an Illinois woman was determined to retrieve her stolen iPhone from a local restaurant.

Last weekend, the 25-year-old victim was at a Layer Cake restaurant on 3rd Avenue South when she discovered her $1,200 iPhone was missing from her bag, although she was able to track it with an Apple Watch and track the person’s location. had taken it. That’s how he called the authorities, who found a maroon Jeep Wagon in the parking lot, where the phone rang.

He stole at least 17 cell phones

The phone was clearly visible inside the Jeep, and surveillance cameras in the area showed a man, identified as Hernandez Montero, going to and from the car, police said. Cuban wanted to flee in an Uber when he saw officers near his car.

Upon his arrest, Montero was found in his pocket with the keys to a Jeep with a stolen cell phone. The car was impounded and Montero was taken to the Central Police Station, where he refused to answer detectives’ questions. Inside Cuban’s car, 17 stolen cellphones were later found wrapped in aluminum foil in an attempt to dampen their signals.

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A laptop and the woman’s wallet were also found. That weekend, while at Jason Aldean’s bar in Broadway, Alabama, a woman named Dothan had her wallet stolen. The investigation, led by Central Police Detective Brent Fisher, continues to identify the owners of other phones and laptops found in the Jeep.