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A fifth deportation flight to Cuba could take place on August 20

A fifth deportation flight to Cuba could take place on August 20

The next deportation flight from the US to Cuba is uncertain, but is expected to be on August 20. Miguel Inda Romero, a lawyer specializing in immigration matters, addressed the matter.An expert consulted by Univisión estimates that those subject to the I 220B order should return to their country on August 20.

Of course, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has not released an exact date. However, as happened in previous months, the selected date should coincide.

The last flight with these characteristics was carried out on 20 July. That trip was the fourth deportation from Miami this year that returned 33 Cubans to the island. On the same date in June, a third crossing was undertaken for these purposes.

Potential deportees await

ICE has not defined the number of people it will face in its next deportation to Cuba. However, it is estimated that around 100 migrants will return to the island this time. Most of the pending cases have sought stay of the order for this reason, but most of the cases have been denied.

The multiple deportation measures are in addition to a growing number of measures taken by the Joe Biden administration.

A relevant fact in this regard is that arrests of persons with deportation order I 220B have increased. The strange thing about this is that the people involved were arrested on their way to their meetings at ICE offices.

When something like this happens, the chances of getting the detainee extradited to Cuba overturned are slim. Families have even spoken out against these types of measures, but haven’t received a favorable response from ICE officials.