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Donald Trump has promised the “biggest deportation crackdown” in US history.

Donald Trump has promised the “biggest deportation crackdown” in US history.

Former President Donald Trump continues his campaign for the 2024 presidential election. The former president has shared some of the steps he would take if he were to reach the White House once again. including some affecting undocumented immigrants.

Trump recently He vowed to carry out “the largest deportation operation in the history of the United States.” “I will immediately end the entire open border policy of the Biden administration. Our country is being invaded” The former president said this at a campaign meeting in New Hampshire.

Following the Eisenhower model, We will use all state, local, federal, and military resources necessary to carry out the largest national deportation operation in American historyhe added.

Donald Trump’s action will affect the children of undocumented immigrants

In May, in a campaign video, Donald Trump also announced a move to ban birthright citizenship.

If elected president in 2024, Trump said He will issue an executive order on his first day in the White House Directs the Central Govt Children born in the United States to undocumented immigrant parents are denied citizenship.

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Trump argued that the policy would “prevent significant incentives for continued illegal immigration, deter more immigrants from coming in, and encourage the return of many of the aliens that Joe Biden has allowed into our country illegally.”

Can U.S. citizenship be barred by birthright?

Under one interpretation of the Constitution, children born in the United States are automatically granted U.S. citizenship, even if their parents are immigrants with undocumented immigration status.

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The Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution states: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, subject to its jurisdiction, are citizens of the United States and of the state in which they reside.”

However, Trump argues that the current reading of the 14th Amendment is birthright citizenship. It is “a historical myth and a deliberate misinterpretation of the law.”

However, if he follows through on his promise, Trump almost certainly will It will face significant legal challenges, and the measure will likely be overturned and declared unconstitutional.