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Ricardo Rochelle returns to Puerto Rico to testify before the House about his role as a campaigner for the state

Ricardo Rochelle returns to Puerto Rico to testify before the House about his role as a campaigner for the state

Former Governor Ricardo Rochelle Neveres, Established in the United States since leaving La Fortaleza in the summer of 2019, after several weeks of struggle against him, confirmed this Thursday that he would appear in person at the General Assembly of the House of Representatives, where a delegation of congressional delegates will be judged on the performance of a representative, Maldonado Martis, federal, international, status and Chairman of the Senior Relations Commission.

Rochelle Nevers initially opposed the October 21 chosen date for the trial, arguing that she should visit a relative’s medical appointment on that day. However, in the afternoon he sent a letter to Maldonado Martis office staff confirming that he had arrived for the hearing.

Prior to confirmation, he was offered a replacement to attend the November 1 hearing in person.

“This is correct,” he said, confirming Rochelle Neveres’ involvement in the trial, which will be her first public appearance in Puerto Rico since resigning in July 2019.

Rochelle, who lives in Virginia, left La Fortaleza amid fierce fighting on the streets of Puerto Rico After knowing the content A Chat He shared it with his cabinet members and relatives. Chat in use The Telegram frantically expressed its influence on opinion polls on social media and social networks, as well as the organizational activity of the network of “giants” who sought to harass and insult opposition politicians, the press and everything. One thinks differently from one’s own interests. In addition, there were plenty of expressions of prejudice, sexuality, sexual misconduct, and homosexuality, as well as mockery of recent traumatic events such as Maria being killed by the hurricane.

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“What we did was we adjourned the hearing and sent him a letter, realizing that health and family were always coming forward, and we gave him a more distant date,” the prominent legislator said. “But he sent a letter again in the afternoon, saying that he would be present in person when the first public hearing takes place next Thursday, the first Thursday. We appreciate your willingness to come and participate and be a part of the public hearing.

Rochelle Neverez limited her demands to preceding parliamentary rules and wanting to be sacked first.

Representative Elizabeth Torres also confirmed Thursday.

“The man who did his job need not worry. This is not a witch hunt, but questions have been raised from various congressional representatives over the past two weeks, and the chamber needs to start resolving the situation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Melinda Romero Donnelly objected to the October 21 trial date, noting that it contradicts the commitment to her position, Maldonado Martis said. The legislator, in a letter to the delegate, will assess the content of his letter at the public hearing on October 21, but will be summoned in person anyway that day.

The other, who was called this Thursday, Roberto Lefranc Fortuno, asked commission staff to send a summons to his email. In a letter to Moldono Martis – he posted on his Twitter account yesterday – he told the prominent legislator that he had been in Washington DC since September 26 and could not attend the trial. However, he said he was ready to testify at a future date.

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Summons establish that appearances must be in person. Maldonado made the same decision with Lefranc Fortuno as in the case of Martis Romero Tonelli: summoning him on October 21, warning that his non-appearance would interfere with the legislative process and thus be argued in court.

“Melinda Romero mentions her commitment to the status quo and gives alternative dates. The problem is, if you look at the reports, you have no idea what the function is. If this ceremony is demonstrated in front of the White House …”, Moldonado Martis said.

In practical terms, the appearances of these officers will be done separately, meaning one was fired on Thursday and the others will be waiting in a nearby room. For now, everything seems to indicate that Torres is the only pledgee.

Delegates Jorida Buxe and Maria “Maida” Melandes will be summoned next day, which will be unveiled next week.