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Professors from the Faculty of Educational Sciences win Erasmus+ scholarship » UDEP Today

Professors from the Faculty of Educational Sciences win Erasmus+ scholarship » UDEP Today

Milena Lima and Gabriela Alcalá, professors at the University of Piura, have been selected to undertake a training stay at the University of Seville (Spain), from September 30 to October 5.

Written by Elena Biletic. July 2, 2024.

The professors of the Faculty of Educational Sciences at UDEP received the grant through the mobility call for students and staff (teaching and training) to carry out residencies at the faculty. University of Seville (Spain), within the framework of the Erasmus+ KA-171 programme.

“This is a scholarship that will allow us to spend a stay in Spain to expand our professional training,” says Professor Milena Lima, of the Master of Education taught at the college. Lima details in University of Seville They will be received by the professor who accepts them. Partners To work together during your stay.

Regarding the importance of the training program, Professor Gabriela Alcalá highlights: “The mobility will allow to simplify the processes of updating the Faculty’s postgraduate studies, to enhance knowledge on educational psychology, developmental psychology, guidance and some specific educational actions in primary education. The undergraduate level allows to enrich the students’ graduation profile and to strengthen the international links of their research.

On the other hand, Milena Lima says: “With this grant, we will not only continue internationalization alliances, but we will be able to strengthen our teacher training, because we will know what they do in the world.” University of Seville In the same courses we teach here. This will allow us to update references, review syllabus, monitor classes, analyze assessments, etc.”

In this way: “Our educational portfolio will be enriched with cutting-edge knowledge and will allow us to strengthen research according to the current needs of the educational field on pedagogical guidance, in my case, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the College of Education Sciences at UDEP,” says Alcalá.

About the scholarship
In addition to the five working days of teacher training, the scholarship covers travel, accommodation and lodging for a full week of stay in Spain. The teachers’ trip will be from September 30 to October 5.

The application process is carried out through the UDEP International Relations Office, by submitting documents that certify the training that the applicants wish to obtain at the University of Seville. Afterwards, the Foundation selects the beneficiaries of the scholarships and announces their admission to the Staff Mobility for Training (STA-T) Program at the Faculty of Educational Sciences.