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Porsche introduces its new brand of electric bikes

Porsche introduces its new brand of electric bikes

Porsche, the sports and luxury car manufacturer, has announced the creation of a new brand dedicated exclusively to electric bikes: Cyklaer (or bicycles).

Cyklaer is not just a business for Porsche, it is a collaboration with Storck (the racing bike manufacturer), Greyp and Fazua (the component companies). The Cyklaer will be sports bikes that use an electric motor for mobility, but they will also have other very modern features.

Because it will not only be a motorized bike, but will also have cameras in the back and front that can act as a digital rear view mirror thanks to connecting to an app smart phones.

More than just a bike as such, what Porsche and its partners with Cyklaer are seeking is to create what they call a “digital solutions platform” that includes various navigation, GPS, video recording and other features that could be added in the future.

These bikes will be presented at the beginning of September at Eurobike and there are currently two models for sale in Cyklaer’s website: E-Gravel (€6,999) and E-Urban (€7,299).

What is not yet clear is whether current Porsche e-bikes will fall under the Cyklaer umbrella, particularly the Sport and Cross models, which It was introduced in March of this year It focuses on both urban (sports) and mountainous (crossover) terrain.

Sport and Cross are far from cheap, like all Porsche products. The first model costs about $10,000, while the Cross is about $8,500. They both have pedal assist, are light (21kg) and top speed with the engine activated is 25 km/h (15 mph).

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