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Poland insists that the missile fired by Russia entered its airspace for just under three minutes

Poland insists that the missile fired by Russia entered its airspace for just under three minutes

Warsaw — the Armed forces Poland They said that A An unknown object entered the airspace Friday morning polish of Ukraine Then it disappeared from the radars, and everything indicated that it was a Russian missile.

He added: “Everything indicates that a Russian missile entered Polish airspace. We detected it with radars and it left the airspace.” We have confirmation of this on radars and from the Allies (from… NATO)The Commander of the Polish Armed Forces said General Viclav Kokula.

The Polish Armed Forces said so The object entered its airspace about 24 miles away He left it after less than three minutes. They added that both their radar and radar NATO It confirmed that the object had left Polish airspace.

Kokkola said steps are being taken to verify these results and eliminate the possibility of technical error.

There was no comment from Russian officials.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg posted on X that he spoke to the Polish president about the “missile incident” and said that NATO remained vigilant and monitored the situation “as the facts emerge.”

advisor National Security from the United StatesJake Sullivan spoke with the head of the Polish National Security Office, Jacek Siwira, to express, “United States solidarity with Poland, our close NATO ally, as it confronts reports of a missile temporarily entering Polish airspace.“Al said White House.

Sullivan promised to provide technical assistance to Poland and confirmed this to the President Joe Biden I followed it closely.

It was not immediately clear where the object disappeared from radar screens or in which direction it was heading.. Forces were mobilized to identify and find him. There have been no reports of explosions or casualties so far.

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The governor of Lublin Province in eastern Poland, Krzysztof Komorski, told the Onet news website The object appeared on radars near the town of Hrubchov, where a border crossing with Ukraine is located.. Komorski said that he had no information indicating that he had fallen in Lublin Province.

Poland's border with Ukraine is also a border European Union NATO and Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials said so on Friday Russia More than 100 missiles and dozens of drones were launched against Ukrainian targets overnightThis is what an Air Force officer described as the largest aerial bombardment since the start of the invasion of Russia in February 2022.