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They are extending the deadline for approval of vehicles assembled with parts in Cuba

They are extending the deadline for approval of vehicles assembled with parts in Cuba

Cuba announced that it will extend the deadline for approval of vehicles manufactured from parts and pieces, known as “ricimpilis.” The Ministry of Transport (MITRANS) reported that this practice began in September 2021 through Resolution 200.The National Committee for MININT-MITRANS announced that the approval process is scheduled to end on December 31, 2023.

However, it “extends to the legalization and delivery of license plates, as appropriate, for all vehicles processed by the provinces.”

the Official information MITRANS also notes that in cases of vehicles “that for various reasons have not been properly registered or processed, an evaluation is carried out. The results will be announced in due course.”

The aforementioned ministry states that those concerned must remain in contact with the processing offices affiliated with the transportation directorates in the governorates. It is necessary that they appear when called.

False rumours

For several weeks there have been rumors about regulations regarding Cuba's famous “riquimbilis”.

Even the regional authorities themselves realized that as of January 1, the driver of an armed car would be banned from traveling on the island's streets.

However, MITRANS updated its provisions and allowed the aforementioned Resolution 200 to be extended and amended in turn.

Only in March 2022 did it emerge that Cuba would add more than 100,000 vehicles assembled in parts and pieces to the country's rolling vehicle fleet.

At that time, Reynaldo Becerra Acosta, Secretary of the National Road Safety Commission, made statements on the matter.

He added: “This will affect traffic and road safety, increasing congestion and the vulnerability of these means.”

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MITRANS regulations allow each owner to approve only one vehicle. It can be equipped with motors, trailers and semi-trailers after being approved by a team of experts.

Those that obtained a license began trading legally as of August 4, 2021.