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PN, v. Committee appointed by Luis Redondo

PN, v. Committee appointed by Luis Redondo

he National Party (PNH), Like the Liberal Party, he ruled against the Commission of Deputies appointed by the President of the Legislature, Luis Redondo, which would investigate the administration of Oscar Chinchilla and Daniel Cibrian Buiso at the head of the Public Ministry.

In a brief statement, he said patriotic party He described the behavior of the President of Congress as disturbing. The opposition political entity said that the parliament president He does not have the power to appoint the said committee.

PNH questioned that Louis Redondo Article 205 and No. 21 of the Republic’s Constitution contravene the powers of the National Congress.

Article 205, Issue 21: Appointment of special committees to investigate matters of national interest. Appearances at the request of the said committees will be obligatory and subject to the same restrictions as in judicial procedures.

The National Party concluded, referring to the committee composed of Representatives Silvia Ayala, Ramon Barrios, Hugo Noy Pino, Ligia Ramos, Rolando Barahona, Ernesto Lizama, Angelica Smith and Netzer: “We reject this committee against the Public Ministry.” Edo Mejia and Carlos Raudales.

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