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PLD business meet with Conep

PLD business meet with Conep

Santo Domingo. – In an effort to ensure stability, economic development and social peace in the country, a committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) with the management of the National Council for Special Projects (Conep) headed by its president, Celso Juan Maranzini.

The Democratic Liberation Party was represented by former President Danilo Medina and presidential candidate Abel Martinez. Charles Mariotti, Secretary General, Juan Ariel Jimenez, Vice President, and Francisco Javier García, Member of the Political Committee.

For Conep, in the presence of César Dargam Espillat, Executive Vice President; Julio Brach, Senior Vice President; Lina Garcia, Second Vice President; Lucille Hollimont, Deputy Treasurer and also directors, Carlos Iglesias, Eduardo Cruz and Manuel Pozo Perillo.

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“We talked about the expectations for the X Business Convention, as well as topics of importance for the development of the Dominican Republic,” Maranzini explained.

The meeting of the Special Committee of the Board of Directors of the National Council for Special Projects (CONEP), with the representation of the leadership of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), took place in Professor Juan Bosch’s room in the Presidential Office of the Political Organization of the University District of the National District.

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