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PlayStation portable console for broadcasting

Project Q, the streaming-based PlayStation portable console

picture: Play Station.

It’s official. After some rumorsPlayStation introduced its new “console”, or rather the portable device designed to stream PlayStation 5 video games. look It is a combination of PS5 DualSense controller with 8 inch screen.

The code name for this device is “Project Q,” and Sony confirms that it will go on sale sometime this year 2023. According to PlayStation, this device will allow “broadcasting any game from the PlayStation 5 console when playing remotely via WiFi.” In other words, the idea is that Project Q allows you to play PS5 games from other parts or rooms in the house, as far away as the PS5 could be in the living room. It is, in theory, a device designed to accompany the PS5 console, not to operate independently.

As for its hardware, Project Q has an 8-inch LCD that can play video games at a maximum resolution of 1080p and 60 frames per second (frames per second), and of course it shares adaptive triggers and comment Touch-enabled DualSense controls. At the moment, the official information says that games can be streamed over WiFi, but it is not clear if it is limited to the same network or can also be used when connected to WiFi outside the home. We’ll know more details about Project Q in the coming months.

In addition to Project Q, PlayStation also announced its new wireless in-ear headphones (in the ear), which, according to the company, delivers lossless audio when used with PlayStation 5 and PC. This isn’t PlayStation’s first foray into the world of headphones, as 2022 saw the release of Line of headphones above the ear called InzOne.

Project Q and PlayStation Wireless Headset, on video

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