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Pierre Louis Vuitton apologizes to Violo Maduro and urges SSI access

Pierre Louis Vuitton apologizes to Violo Maduro and urges SSI access

Washington DC. – Governor Peter Pierre Lucy Asked the President Joe Biden Puerto Rican Jose Luis Valo Maduro’s $ 28,081 debt must be forgiven by the Social Security Administration, which has begun a lawsuit against the Supreme Court’s rejection of an extension of extra security income (SSI) to the island.

Pierluisi, meanwhile, urged the US government to expand the SSI to the island, which benefits economically disadvantaged adults and the disabled.

Any revision of the plan, along with President Biden’s social program, should maintain the plan, which aims to provide island residents with access to SSI, with an average benefit of $ 574 per month.

In contrast, Pierluisi said the federal aid program for the poor, the visually impaired and the disabled, abbreviated as English AABD, provides an average of $ 82 per month to residents of Puerto Rico.

“The impact of this discrimination is severe. SSI program support is required, but the difference between US citizens living in Puerto Rico and states and SSI recipients in Washington, DC is purely geographical.The governor said.

Although Department of Justice of the United States For the second year in a row before the U.S. Supreme Court rejecting SSI’s extension to Puerto Rico, President Joe Biden instructed Congress to legislate island residents’ access to the program in his 2023 budget.

“Puerto Ricans continue to be discriminated against and the Supreme Court ruling in the Vello Maduro case reaffirms the need to move toward the state. Said the managing director of management. , Its abbreviation in English), Carmen M. Feliciano.

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A few days ago, the Puerto Rican Sovereign Lawyers Association in Washington DC announced the formation of a Escrow To help José Luis Vaello Madero pay off the $ 28,081 loan and interest he owes on the Additional Security Income (SSI) plan.