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Piero Hincapie: Find out which celebrity the Ecuadorian footballer is romantically involved with |  people |  entertainment

Piero Hincapie: Find out which celebrity the Ecuadorian footballer is romantically involved with | people | entertainment

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 It opened barely three days ago, but for months the eyes of the world have been resting on the soccer stars who took part in the planet’s biggest ever tournament. Be it because of their records, controversies, romances, lifestyles and more.

While some are well aware of their performance on court, others would like to know more about them personally. in Ecuadorand one of the most coveted at the moment is the twenty-something Esmeralda Pierrot Hincapie.

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Considered “one of the trusted men” Gustavo Alfaro In the tricolor lineup, the Defender is also the Bayer Leverkusen Germany has emerged as one of the most handsome characters in the world FIFA Cup. For this reason, many want to know: Who is the owner of the “scorer” heart?

Piero Hincapie and Miss

For months, show business has been aggressively linking Hincapie with Valeria Gutierrez, the current Miss International Ecuador. On the morning of Wednesday 23 November, the beauty queen was invited to the morning of En Contacto (Equavisa) to be questioned about this matter.

Reporter Leonardo Quezada, known as “Lazito”, insisted on the young woman about a possible romantic relationship between them, which Gutierrez vehemently denied, although he admits that the footballer is part of his social circle, they maintain a gentle friendship.

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“I don’t like to talk much about my private life because people always want to hold on to something. I’m not going to talk about it, it’s a friendship like any I could have here in Ecuador. We’re friends,” Valeria’s words were when asked by Lazito and Henry Bustamante. .

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The rumors started because the King had on more than one occasion commented on the ‘scorer’ in the best of terms, which made it clear to some that there was more to it than just being good friends.

In a program mouth to mouth (TC Television), the model referred to Hincapié as “a very down-to-earth person, very respectful and funny. I love his sense of humor. He’s a good, familiar son. He takes his mother wherever he goes.”

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Piero Hincapie and A influencers fashion

Another lady who has been associated with Esmeralda born in 2002 is Bianca Fariña, daughter of Fabian Fariña, an Argentine singer based in Ecuador. In this case, the speculation started when the two were seen together in a restaurant in the city of Buenos Aires in the middle of the year.

“Pierro is a very close friend of mine,” Bianca explained at the time when she was interviewed by reporter Silvana Torres. She added that she is actually a great friend of Leo Campana, Joao Ayala and other soccer players. But they didn’t really spend the evening together, it was just a coincidence that they were in the same place, he explains. influencers. It turns out that she went with her friends, and he himself is on his side. (And the)