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Photo: Patricia Corsino appears as a mutant again |  land escape

Photo: Patricia Corsino appears as a mutant again | land escape

Puerto Rican model and artist Patricia Corsino resurfaced today on her social networks after remaining out of the limelight following her controversial participation in the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos (LCDLF).

Through a photo in a swimsuit that she posted on her Instagram account, the former participant in the reality show showed her new hair color, leaving behind the black color that had distinguished her for a long time.

It should be noted that the model has been keeping a low profile since she was last seen in public at the recent LCDLF gala, after being eliminated from the competition.


Cristina Porta is open to new work adventures in the United States, especially in journalism.


Maribelly Rivera, the Puerto Rican hurricane, is adjusting her move and preparing to change companies, as well as her career in…

The Puerto Rican, who was eliminated in fifteenth place from the Telemundo reality show, was the hero of many controversies on the program after several confrontations with her compatriot Maribelly Rivera, who turned out to be the winner of the season.

Likewise, at the end of the LCDLF program, Corsino and the former participant of the reality show, Spanish journalist Cristina Porta, cut off all kinds of communication due to an alleged misunderstanding.

However, Porta said it should be noted that they were both friends on the show official speaker That Corsino was specifically one of the people who disappointed her during her time on the show.

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“Yes, you get a lot of disappointments, I’ve actually been through that, but disappointments because he’s simply not the person you thought he was. And in the end, you also get to choose who you want to be by your side. Yes, it makes me sad because what you’re experiencing, or at least… What happens to me, you think is real, even though many people see you but well, I came out and saw that there were different people, people who were the same, and there were others who were better than them, so I will keep all the best,” Porta said. official speaker about this subject.