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PEPCA dice coronel Núñez de Aza era el cerebro de entramado

PEPCA says Colonel Núñez de Aza was the brain of the network

The Specialized Prosecution Office for Anti-Administrative Corruption (PEPCA) has established that members of the Presidential Security Corps and the Specialized Tourist Security Corps (Cestur), contrary to their responsibilities, have devoted themselves to stealing funds through the myriad of fraudulent maneuvers detailed in the indictment. against those involved in the case Coral & Coral 5G.

According to the indictment, which will be heard by the National District 6 Investigating Judge Iñiba Rivas, the money was stolen from funds earmarked for intelligence, rations, fuel and salaries, in addition to the theft of the criminal structure of funds from the National Council for Children and Adolescents (Konani).

According to the General Ministry, the company network was the main financial mind and responsible for real estate Colonel of the National Police, Rafael Nunez de Azzawho served as CFO concurrently at Cestur, Presidential Security Corps (CUSEP) and later at Conani, during the last four months of the Danilo Medina government (2016-2020).

It indicates that Núñez de Aza was responsible for Transfer money from institutions Where he was deliberately appointed as CFO by his directors, and bought for these movable and immovable property, as well as c.Covering personal expenses and their relatives.

Corporate Creation

So, according to the accusation, in competition with managers, he created several companies that seemed to supply fuel and consumables and carry out repairs, however, Support those sales and services were invented By the team that formed the financial department of the institutions.

He says that the defendants are of the highest ranks in the current operation They have accumulated millions of assets by subtracting money from the treasury At the expense of the mission of the institutions they directed or for which they worked in the senior management.

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The Public Prosecution considers that these behaviors, in addition to being a crime, are activities that harm the quality of life and dignity of thousands of junior officers and recruits, who see day after day how their purchasing power decreases and their economic conditions worsen. Because salaries do not correspond to the reality of the jobs they perform.

The indictment confirms that the millionaire’s property was acquired by the accused amounting to more than four billion pesos, The amount that allows us to get an idea of ​​the impact of this criminal structure on the budget of the affected enterprises.

They claim treason

The Prosecution also notes that the defendants in this procedure, in addition to committing illegal acts, They betrayed the trust that was placed in them in their public office, a condition aggravated in the case of members of the military who also betray their uniforms, ranks, comrades-in-arms, and the homeland they have sworn to defend.

He explained it in Cestur, CUSEP, and Conani Millionaire amounts are set aside as monthly items To cover the expenses of intelligence operations, fuel and rations distribution, among other things, the values ​​transferred and used for personal expenses and investments of directors and financiers of fraudulent enterprises of the Dominican State.

Accurate accusation The defendants stole money from the state through people They were on the public payroll without work And they would receive a monthly payment for being a front, take a small amount of money and return between 80% and 90% of what was collected, every month, to be distributed to the members of the organization.

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She adds that they appointed trustworthy persons to the audit departments, fuel distribution, stores, rations, intelligence and accounts receivable, in order to maintain control over what was brought before the Comptroller General of the Republic.

PEPCA confirms that it has also established companies on behalf of the persons associated with the funder of these foundations to Supply fuel and consumables Which was never delivered, making bogus checks to pass audit controls and thus be able to divert millionaire money from the state.

According to the example, Defendants falsified purchase, payment and audit recordss, through the use of rubber seals and forged signatures, to appear lawfully in the administration of public funds before the Comptroller General of the Republic.

It also highlights the public ministry that prepared reports on cats, called “boxes”, showing the personal use of public funds and distribution among network members; The said report has been used internally, and is full of symbols that individualize the actual expenditures of transferred funds.

Likewise, the file says they hired self-loaned military and police officers to conduct multi-million dollar transactions for allegedly not justifying the source of the resources.

Choose a BR . branch

No alerts

The accusation states that they chose a branch of Banco de Reservas and its manager, so that transactions executed by these police and the military would not result in alerts on suspicious transaction reports (STRs), in the Dominican financial system, in exchange for economic compensation in favor of the branch manager.