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Tequila, la solución del papa Francisco para su dolor de rodilla

Tequila, Pope Francis’ solution to his knee pain

Doctors prescribed a wheelchair, a cane, and physical therapy to relieve Pope Francis’ knee ailments. But He has other ideas.

According to a video of the Pope at the end of a widely shared audience, Francis joked that what he really needed For the pain, a dose of tequila.

The Argentine-born pope was riding in a Bob Mobil in Saint Peter’s Square when he stopped near a group of Mexican academics from the Legion of Christ who asked him in Spanish about the condition of his knee. After he responds that she is “fantastic,” they tell Francis that they admire her ability to smile despite the pain and that she has been a role model for future priests like them.

“Do you know what I need for my man?”Francis asked them from popemobile. “tequila”. The theological students laughed and promised to deliver a bottle to the Santa Marta hotel where Francisco lives.

The 85-year-old pope has been suffering from a strained ligament in his right knee for months and, on doctors’ orders, Using a wheelchair and a cane to get around And be able to heal.

Unsurprisingly, the restrictions on his movement fueled media speculation about his health and being a confidant in the future, but one of his close aides recently said the Pope is “better than ever” and receives two hours of physical therapy a day.

“He is in very good health and always in clear meditation,” the Bishop of La Plata, Argentina, Victor Manuel Fernandez, wrote on Twitter on May 14 after seeing the Pope. “a problem in one of his knees, But I see that every day he undergoes more than 2 hours of rehabilitation, which gives results. Other than that, it’s better than ever.”

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Francis recently postponed a two-day trip to Lebanon next month, citing a knee problem, but the Vatican confirmed he would travel to Congo, South Sudan, and Canada in July.