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Pedro Sola describes Diego Bonita as hated

Pedro Sola describes Diego Bonita as hated

Yesterday the third and The last season of the vital series about life Luis Miguel And although it only took a few hours to see the light, it had already sparked a huge controversy.

And this is not only Fans and viewers give their opinions About this new episode, also many personalities in the artistic community, among whom are always controversial Pedro Sula.

through their social networks, Ventaneando driver Did not hesitate to mailexpress your feelings Not only about the project, but also about Luis Miguel and Even Diego Bonita himself, who gives life to Mickey: If Luis Miguel is as hated as Diego Bonita in the series, he deserves everything that has happened to him in life., books.

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Now that they’re confident, Pedrito breaks down and confirms that the characterization team did a terrible job, because even with all the makeup and hours they invested in Boneta they made him look physically like the famous singer;

And that was not all, he also indicated that they give bad message About alcoholism: How many gallons of alcohol did Diego Bonita drink? What a bad example of alcoholism, if everything is true, then the singer is faced with cirrhosis of the liver ”added.

Pedro Sula tweeted

Of course, despite all this, he admitted that this season was his favourite, so much so that he was stung, and in one day saw it completed: “For the first time in my life I saw, in one day, Luis Miguel completed the series and I loved it,” but I couldn’t help but finish his review with a slightly acid comment: “Lower budget than the previous two parts, but we have to see it. I like it.”

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