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Pedro Sánchez anuncia un nuevo plan en Ciencia y Salud

Pedro Sanchez’s plan to put Spain first in health and science

The head of government, Pedro Sanchez, announced a new government plan to put Spain in The cutting edge in health and science.

He will lead the executive Council of Ministers A second project, after automation, for public-private collaboration (PERTE) will be in the area of ​​cutting-edge health.

The goal, according to Sanchez, “Strengthening the health system of our entire country and linking it directly and closely with the scientific system.”. For this reason, this pioneering project will target health and science Creating knowledge and immediate application of healthThis makes Spain a great European pioneer within the framework of the Union in science and health.

Priority in transforming the country

The CEO emphasized in his speech that “if it is vaccination It is the priority in the short term, in the medium and long term Transform country.

In the president’s opinion, this shift will come from Recovery plan. As he explains, “It would be the biggest effort to invest and reform Since Spain entered the European Economic Community, “this will allow the next generation’s money to come in.

Spain can and will change in a just and egalitarian way.

Pedro Sanchez insists on this Spain can It will change “To some extent, equality and respect With its territory and always in search of sustainable and robust growth. ”

The president remembers that, to make it happen, we have Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. For Sanchez, this is “one of the most popular.”Ambitious, complete and best rated By international experts on some issues. As an example puts Environmental transformationCondition An indispensable condition To participate in the next generation funds, which will include Total of € 70,000 million in direct transfersFor the next 3 years.

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