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Chemical science honors teacher Manuel Macias Patiño

Chemical science honors teacher Manuel Macias Patiño

“One of the most beloved and beloved university students is being honored,” said University President Robin de Jesus Ibarra Reyes, referring to teacher Manuel de Jesus Macias Patiño, best known for his academic career at the Thirteenth Congress of Chemical Sciences.

He added, in the presence of Secretary-General Angel Roman Gutierrez, that this honor is very legitimate, because it comes from the scientific community to which you belong, because it is effective work that is carried out in the classroom of the academic unit. Chemical sciences.

In her message, the Director of the Academic Unit of Chemical Sciences, Argylia Lopez Luna, stated that the aim of the conference is to seek to promote the interdisciplinary interest of students in the field of science, as well as relevance, as well as to enhance the intellectual capacities of young people.

He added that the conference is a space in which researchers and students can present their work with a social focus, allowing them to innovate, generate knowledge, interact and join research groups.

The Chemical Sciences Conference was born in November 2002, according to the Director of Chemical Sciences, under the idea of ​​creating an academic environment that would give an identity to the school at the time, whether inside or outside the university. So the 8vo group. Headed by then student Juan Armando Flores de la Torre, A devised activities to raise funds for their graduation.

In this event, the path of Master Manuel de Jesus Macias Patiño was recognized, because he devoted a part of his life to the Academy, in the classroom or in the laboratory to conduct research work for the benefit of the institution and society.

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For his part, the teacher, Manuel de Jesus Macias Patiño, thanked, when using his voice, expressions of solidarity and affection for someone who, he said, “always wants the best for the university.”

The event, held in the foyer of the Fernando Calderon Theater, was attended by the director of the Zacatecan Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Agustín Enciso Muñoz; Engineering and Technology Coordinator, Lourdes Oliván Tiscareño and Health Sciences District Coordinator, Juan Armando Flores de la Torre.