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The Abarca Prize is facing the closing days of applications

The Abarca Prize is facing the closing days of applications

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Dr Juan Aparca International Prize for Medical Sciences ”APARCA PrizeBorn with the aim of shedding light to the international community on the impact of medical and scientific developments and innovations, just a few days after the application deadline. The last day will be May 31.

The award will be awarded to a person in the field of research and science from anywhere in the world, whose work has greatly contributed to improving the health of people and populations. The award amounts to € 100,000 and a certificate of credit for the winner.

For Juan Abarca Seddon, President of HM Hospitals: “Today more than ever, medical scientific developments are vital to meeting current health challenges. The Aparca Prize seeks to honor health professionals who have dedicated their lives to caring for people and is the result of inspiration in an enduring commitment to progress and health. Of Dr. Juan Abarca Cambal, the values ​​that he has maintained and continues to do so throughout his career. “

This award takes its name from Dr. Juan Aparca Cambal who, in 1990 with his wife, Dr. Carmen Seddon Tamargo, He established HM Hospitals as a project to develop a new healthcare model in Spain.

The Abarca Prize organization is directed by the HM Hospitales Research Foundation, a non-profit entity established in 2003 with the primary objective of promoting and managing the development of research and development in the area of ​​vital health, as well as the social work of the group.

The nomination submission and selection process has been developed in two stages. On the first of them, from April 1 to May 31 of this year, the deadline for receiving the nominations opens, which will be by sending a letter of intent, according to the form available on www.abarcaprize. com. In this letter, the entities or persons submitting the nominations should explain the reasons for the candidate fulfilling the conditions for awarding him / her, in accordance with the award’s values.

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Effective June 1 and upon receipt of the nominations, the HM Hospitals Research Foundation will assess compliance with the requirements, as well as the suitability of the nominations, and It will specify a maximum of 5 proposals, Which will be submitted to the jury, which will be invited to send all documents it considers relevant for its evaluation, before September 30, 2021.

In the second stage, the jury members examine the documents and, based on their best judgment, The person’s proposal will determine the winner With a report reflecting the advantages that support the elections, at a meeting to be held by phone and before October 12th.

The award of the award will be announced Next October 25 It will be delivered in Madrid in the last week of the same month.