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Pedro Pierlois receives Philip VI during his visit to Spain

Pedro Pierlois receives Philip VI during his visit to Spain

Madrid – King of Spain, Philip VIReceived by the Governor this Friday Peter Pierre Lucy During his visit to the country this week, he is on a trip of a remarkable economic nature and seeking to attract investment on the island.

Philip VI greeted Pierre Lucie in the audience hall of the Palacio de la Cersuella, the seat of the President of Spain, after which they spoke with Angels Moreno Pao, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Global Affairs at the King’s Office.

The Spanish monarch and Pierre Luci met on January 25 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, during a visit to the island for the 500th anniversary of his capital.

During that visit, the governor stressed that strengthening relations with Spain was “just and necessary” in that Puerto Rico was a colony until 1898, when it came under US control.

“These are moments of unity and brotherhood, not to politicize, but to celebrate the unification of us,” he said, highlighting the “Hispanic roots” of Puerto Rico, which has held the Commonwealth status of the United States since 1952.

The purpose of the governor’s visit to Spain is to continue Philip VI’s visit to San Juan, and to strengthen relations between the two countries in all fields, especially trade and investment, the Royal House said on its website.

During the King’s stay in the Puerto Rican capital, a business forum was held to identify areas that would encourage investment.