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An archaeological treasure appeared in Miami during the construction of a new building

The land is located on the Miami River, very close to Brickell Avenue

Over the past one and a half years, the construction team related to (From Argentina-Cuban George Perez) is working on a piece of land along the Miami River in the area Separation. A surprise interrupted the work of real estate developers.

Excavations yielded fragments of tools Prehistoric, remains of animals and plants from other periods; As it continued, those discoveries continued to be joined by human remains and remnants of ancient structures, dating back to the dawn of civilization. The land is located on the south bank of the Miami River, west of the bridge that crosses the river at Brickell Avenue. First impressions promise a huge deposit Archaeological treasures.

The discoveries began a year and a half ago

According to expert reports accessed by local press, the objects date back 7,000 years and indicate that an important indigenous civilization lived in the area.

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Those enthusiasts of the Miami landscape are not too surprised by this discovery, because the area has records of archaeological treasures. In at least the last 25 years, discoveries of this type have been made in the Brickell area Downtown One of the buildings had to change its plans to honor the sacred circle of an older civilization that experts say dates back at least 2,000 years to Miami.

This is not the first time such discoveries have been made in the region
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“We’re talking about going back to the time of the first cities Mesopotamia. They predate the Republic and the Empire in Rome by thousands of years. Whatever rod was used, these are traces of early manifestations of human activity. It’s legally an old one,” he explained to local reporters. William PoochieArchaeologist University of Miami.

Although the excavation is far from over, the findings are already changing the way experts view human activity in the region. The river has always been known as the birthplace of the New Miami and the Miami of past civilizations, but these discoveries may raise the level of knowledge about history.

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The project has an Archeology Officer

Related bought the land in 2013 for US$104 million and borrowed US$164 million to build the apartment tower, which will be used for rent in 2022. As before, the findings will force a change in design to respect what may appear.

The City of Miami has assigned a person to monitor archaeological finds at the site, working with scientists hired by the area’s developers.

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