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El anillo de boda que el huracán Ian regresó a su dueña

A wedding ring returned to its owner by Hurricane Ian

He lost it outside his Fort Myers home just days before Hurricane Ian hit the southwest Florida coast.

Although she asked her husband and three young children to help her search the garden and garage for two days, there was no sign of the ring.

“I’ve accepted that it’s gone.”Garner said. “It’s an object. It’s replaceable, and I let it go. We knew the hurricane was coming, so I said goodbye to it.”

The family stayed at home during the storm and quickly picked up and cleaned up the remains Ian left behind.

“We cleaned up for about 10 minutes and my husband was outside the garage door clearing brush and trees,” Garner said. “There was a lot of brush and trees and he moved some debris and the ring was there.”.

Garner said he couldn’t believe the ring had been found. His neighborhood did not experience the devastating floods that many parts of the state experienced. But winds of 150 miles per hour left large trees and brush across the area.

“I sat on the sidewalk and prayed to God, thanking Him for giving us a sign of hope for the community.”Garner said.

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