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Paul Stanley's emotional reaction to hearing his father's unpublished letter

Paul Stanley’s emotional reaction to hearing his father’s unpublished letter

Televisa made a special show called “What Members Are Parents” for Father’s Day, right there, which was revealed with an emotional message from Paco Stanley to his children.

Mauricio Castillo was responsible for presenting Paul’s private message and said: “Believe it or not, he was responsible for telling you everything you meant to him.”

“To my children, yes, to my children all my time, all my love and all my senses. All my tricks and my conscience all my dreams and all my presence. To my children, yes, to my children, all my nails and all my fingers. As for my children, I do not want to abandon them, I want to see them righteous, human and victorious. For my children, yes, for my children Make me radiant, brilliant and very patient, make me meticulous, cheerful and intelligent. Make me a good, cheerful and efficient father“, The message that was shown in a video was the voice of the missing driver.

At the words and his video with family photos, Paul broke down in tears and said, “The bottom line is that time is the best friend to ‘heal wounds’, you might say, but every time you come back my father’s picture, you think of what it would have been like, and the love you could have given him where it hurts so much.”

In addition, Mauricio asked him an important question on this special day, “I know that losing your father while he was still young, boy must have been the hardest thing you have ever faced, but if you could see him again even for a few minutes, what would you say to him?”

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Paul Stanley cries when he hears his father's unpublished letter

Paul replied: “that I love him and that if he is proud of what I do, above all else”.

Paul Stanley cries when he hears his father's unpublished letter

Finally, the presenter of the “Hui” program congratulated his father on this special day. “Happy day, wherever I am I always think of you”He wrote through his social networks.