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Park Air, the airline for dogs, is wanted in New York after its first flight

Park Air, the airline for dogs, is wanted in New York after its first flight

County seeks to keep Park Air out of business due to capacity constraints (REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz)

District of Westchester, In New York, sued against Bar windThe first “air travel experience” designed for dogs, the company was accused of violating local airport usage restrictions. CBS News. The lawsuit was filed after six canines boarded their inaugural flight from the facility.

Bar wind Operates using a jet Gulfstream Aerospace G.V, can accommodate up to fourteen seats. However, county regulations prohibit commercial and charter planes with more than nine seats from using the airport’s private jet terminal.

“The airline is operating from the private jet area of ​​Westchester Airport in violation of county law,” prosecutors said in their lawsuit.

The district administration has sought a ban Bar wind Continued operations in that area should be prohibited. The only option for the company is to operate from the passenger terminal, where space is limited and there are more night flight restrictions imposed by law.

A spokesperson Bar wind He said that they hope that their operations will not be affected while the case is filed in court. “We do not comment on litigation,” the spokesperson said USA Today“But we don’t believe it will affect our operations.”

BARK Air airfares are around USD 6,000 per dog and companion. (REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz)

The case also names Talon AirA private jet company working in partnership with Bar wind. According to the case, Bar wind In between he started operating charter flights Westchester And AngelsAs well as international flights London. The fare for these flights is about $6,000 per dog and its human companion.

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Westchester County has made its frustrations with public charter services clear. In the regulatory document issued to Federal Aviation AdministrationThe county said the most recent public charter offering “closely resembles” the services of large commercial airlines.

“Public charter companies are trying to force airports like HPN to allow private jets to fly out of the terminal, gaining a competitive advantage over commercial airlines,” the county said in the filing.

BARK Air started its flight in April with high demand. (REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz)

CBS News In parallel, three airlines have filed suit, he explained Westchester In federal court, the county’s airport charged that restrictions on charter flights violated federal law. However, the judge is yet to rule on those cases.

Meanwhile, Bar windKnown for its service bark box Pet toy and treat subscriptions, which began its flight in April. The company said it would allow up to 15 dogs to travel with their owners on its flights, although it would sell no more than ten seats per flight.

Airline for Dogs’ inaugural flight from New York to Los Angeles on May 23 sold out all seats. Their website indicates that more flights are scheduled for this month, some of which are already sold out.