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Panamanian newspaper publication mentions Chiamate and Bukele – Prinza Libre in the Martinelli brothers’ failed escape attempt

The Panamanian newspaper “La Prinza” published a report on how Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares are. The sons of former President Ricardo Martinelli have hatched a plan to prevent him from being deported to the United States. Under the charge of embezzling money from a construction company called Odebrecht, In this they have the support of Central American politicians, Including President Alejandro Chiamate.

The report describes how Advisers to the Presidents of Guatemala, Alejandro Chiamate and El Salvador, Naib Bukele, They urged these leaders to support the Martinelli brothers in avoiding American justice.

As for Guatemala, the reference refers to it Part of Chiamate’s support was not sending them to the regular jail. But to the Mauritius Jawala forces who enjoy their privileges, Multi-room suite and access to food, gender, liquor and special requests for visitors. “

The report has been published under the title “This is the Martinelli Linares Brothers’ Failed Escape Plan” Although these characters came to Guatemala, from where they were eventually deported to the United States, and although their intentions differed, “this publication reveals how Central American and local politicians were involved in providing them with asylum as they sought to reach Panama.

According to “La Brenza”, the story begins with the connection between the Martinelli brothers and Damien Merlo, a famous American evangelist born in Spain, born into an Argentine family and living in Miami, who also lived until November 2018. He was arrested by US authorities.

“La Prinza” describes Merlow Government Relations Adviser, 47, He has been registered in the Republican Party since November 2012.

Moreover, he points out “He is a foreign policy adviser to El Salvador’s President Naib Bukele. Before he took office. In fact, since January this year he has been registered as a representative of the Government of Salvador before the US judiciary to enhance the image of El Salvador.

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According to the report, They need help because Martinellis is collaborating with the FBI In the investigation into the corruption and money laundering conspiracy of the construction company Odebrecht, “They and a close relative who ruled between 2009 and 2014 were involved. But at the end of June 2018, when they had to stamp their signatures on the final documents, they backed out,” so they decided to leave the country, excluding all categories. With the aim of controlling migration and reaching Panama “they had already made arrangements not to be detained.”

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The note explains that they should not be found on a plane from the United States. “They sailed to the Bahamas, from where they set sail again for Panama. On June 22, 2020, they tried to enter what they wanted to look like a humanitarian plane due to an epidemic, but they were not allowed to. A few days later the plane they were traveling on was approved for landing, but it did not work, and they flew to Costa Rica to refuel.

In the meantime, the situation worsened.

“He sent a trusted subcommittee to meet them at the airport and took them to their accommodation when problems arose that were fixed,” the note says. “A US embassy official chatted with Buckeye and explained the legal problems the brothers had in the United States. So they had to leave the country.

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“Merlo provided the brothers with an alternative route to the route they normally use, and as a result, with little oversight, they would be able to bypass El Salvador’s main streets and enter Burlasan’s headquarters Guatemala wisely,” he says. .

But the brothers did not pay attention. The family of Louis Enrique was staying in El Salvador, and they both left for Guatemala. On Uber’s frequent road. They entered the neighboring country with false credentials recognized as Burlason’s representatives and stayed in an apartment – suggested by a friend of one of the brothers – for six days, “the report added.

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On July 6, 2020, the Martinelli brothers began trying to move back to Panama They planned to do it on a plane they rented from Guatemala, but the latter warned of their legal status in the United States and told them they would not operate the plane. “So, the brothers decided to listen to Dad’s flight.”

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To the Martinelli brothers that day, everything seemed to be moving forward. “They stopped for a while in El Salvador and picked up Luis Enrique’s family and immediately flew to Panama.

They are coming to Guatemala

The document further states, “In a statement, Guatemala Police have confirmed that they have been conducting surveillance and surveillance operations since June 30. The day they entered the country, they were ordered to be temporarily arrested on July 3 for extortion purposes for plotting a money laundering operation involving a specific activity under the US code.

“But the brothers in Guatemala also got help. Former President Martinelli, through his friend Santiago Facetto, Contacting Panama’s communications strategist Close to Guatemalan President Alejandro Chiamate, poll Andrea. In addition, Martinelli has had at least two direct telephone conversations with Giamatte. “

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He added that among those calls was a request to detain them in a “safe” place. As a result, young people say, “Instead of being transferred to a regular prison, They were sent to the military prison of the Mauritius Jawala Regiment. There they will enjoy a multi-room suite and offers such as access to food, gender, liquor and special requests for visitors.

They also received the protection of Gustavo Alejos, a former private secretary in charge of Alvaro Colomon, who was later added. Angle list of characters involved in corruption, Of the US State Department aware of his interest.

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From that prison, U.S. intelligence agencies also issued a warning about Martinelli Linares’ “attempt to escape.” The chapter that President Giamatte described as “rumors” and “rumors”.

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Luis Enrique Martinelli was deported to the United States on November 15, 2021, after 16 months of trying to avoid deportation from a military base in Guatemala, and his brother Ricardo left on December 10, 2021. Both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering and promised to pay US officials money from the bribe. Judgment will be handed down next May 13.

The government denies the allegations

The Guatemalan government rejects the unsubstantiated publication of the Panamanian newspaper La Princa. It is questionable because of the actions taken by the Guatemalan government In this case, the US government has approved it, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary general.

He added, “It is important to remember everything These measures were carried out in coordination between the two countries and were approved by the US government at the time. On July 6, 2020, the Martinelli brothers were detained at La Aurora International Airport on a U.S. temporary arrest warrant. On October 15, the Guatemalan Foreign Ministry, through a diplomatic note to the United States, announced that deportation was final.

Also, on November 15, he said, “After deporting him, The U.S. Department of Justice has praised and thanked the Guatemalan government for helping to deport Luis Martinelli Linares. On December 10, Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares was deported to the United States. Therefore, the above facts contradict and leave the allegations made by the media as baseless.

In addition, “Social Relations Secretary Mr. Paul Andrea emphasizes that he does not belong to any state agency, which is why he is not subject to any kind of accounting.”