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Palworld, the controversial game that stole Pokémon (and outrage over its use of AI)

Palworld, the controversial game that stole Pokémon (and outrage over its use of AI)

What you need to know:

If you've seen the memes for a new game called Palworld then you've surely noticed that Pokémon has been accused of plagiarism. Where do the signs come from? How right are they?

Maybe you have already heard something about it. —Or maybe they've already tried it on their consoles—but the new video game phenomenon is called In the world And in just one weekend he achieved this Millions of players. Despite its growing popularity, this new game has become the focus of great controversy due to the accusations directed against it Blatant plagiarism of the Pokémon franchise.

And the chaos doesn't end there: the studio behind this new video game He faced complaints from artists for its possible use Amnesty International to Develop your characters.

Palworld, the hit game that was accused of using artificial intelligence to mimic the designs of Pokemon

If you have already played In the worldIf you're thinking about downloading it or if you just want to know about this massive rumour, here we explain all the controversy behind this unexpected video game that… this Accused of plagiarizing Pokémon.

What is Palworld and what is the new game?

Most important things first. Here's a quick summary of the new game that's the protagonist in this mess.

In the world It is a video game that mixes the elements of… Survivalwith Third-person shooterin open world. In gameplay, it's actually nothing like the Pokémon series; However, one of its main attractions Capture monsters with special abilities.

If you want to see the trailer:

in World In the world All these monsters are summoned Colleagues In the first version of the game there are more than 100 different monsters.

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He was released to Xbox and PC Just January 19, 2024But in just one weekend it became a phenomenon. Almost downloaded 5 million people on SteamTo become one of the most popular games in its history. in X-BoxSince it is free through Game arcadealso gained millions of new subscribers.

Palworld and its impersonation of Pokemon

In addition to the fact that the game mode is different, or that Pocket monsters Video games don't have a monopoly on monster collection, the main accusations of plagiarism center around the fact that Colleagues in In the world We are Identical to many of the most popular Pokemon.

be seen -Just to give an example-for this character is called grisebolt It is equal to electabuzzPokemon from the first generation.

Grizzbolt from Palword, who uniquely resembles Electabuzz from Pokémon // Image: Palworld

Other, more notable examples of Palworld's Pokemon spoofing can be seen in these three bizarre examples “friends” Named Pangolet, kelp And Leylin. Just by remembering a little you will see that this is a copy of it Piplupand the other is A Dratini mixture with Lapras The last one combines colors Blossom With shape Gardevoir.

Dozens of artists and fans online have pointed out the similarities between Palworld and Pokémon, including Potential plagiarism even for 3D models.

In addition to the design, we also have to tell you that, in In the worldthe characters are numbered in With a rooster -Like Pokédex-Each one has elemental abilities such as electricity, water, or fire. Are they familiar?

Palworld says it's not plagiarism, but its history doesn't lend much confidence

After great controversy on social networks, the Japanese studio is behind it In the world He responded to the controversy.

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In a recent interview about the game's success, accusations of plagiarism against Pokémon or the inspiration behind its release, he confirmed that I have reviewed all the legal consequences of a potential lawsuit.

“We take our games seriously.”“, commented the CEO, “We have no intention of harming the intellectual property of other companies.”

Palworld, a new game accused of plagiarism for its Pokemon-like characters

However, the same statements from the Creator Old word They have raised a lot of suspicions regarding the work at their studio and the possibility of stealing Pokémon. He confirmed this in a post on the game's official blog All of the “Pals” designs were created by the same person who had recently graduated from university.

Did they use AI to create hundreds of “friends” in one shot?

In addition to the controversy surrounding the possibility of theft of franchise rights PokemonHistory of creators Old word It raised a lot of doubts Among those who followed this new video game.

In addition to acknowledging that all the characters were designed by one person, the studio has made several statements… e.g. “curious”in its modern history.

In 2021, via social networks, creator Old word I taught the world how to use Amnesty International to Create dozens of Pokemon designs. A year later, he said so artificial intelligence It was too advanced to be used Avoid copyright issues in the pictures.

In creating his previous game – It's called Craftopia – They admitted that they were used Origins Created by other artists.

When starting to work Old wordthe study I didn't hire anyone to do the animation. “It was a miracle that the game was born, completed and became so much fun.”his creator confirmed in A strange post from your own blog.

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The truth is that none of these strange statements constitute proof that designs Old word False or Created using artificial intelligence to mimic the style of PokemonBut it certainly raised suspicions.

Whether it's apples or pears, it continues to attract millions of users and with its dynamic game modes, the truth is that we have to admit that it is a lot of fun. what do you think?

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