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Coquette Mode in WhatsApp: How to activate this trend in the application

Coquette Mode in WhatsApp: How to activate this trend in the application

Coquette status is recognized by the presence of pastel colors and feminine accessories.

Flirting style comes to WhatsApp. This trend, which has spread on social networks and on the streets in recent days, can be introduced to the messaging application for all those who like to follow current trends.

Placing Coquette on the platform is not an official option implemented by MetaIf not, it is a change that Android users can make to the app icon to customize access and change the design or color of the WhatsApp logo.

Since it is a change that is not available from the application itself, we will need a third-party application, which will allow us to make the modification safely. So we must download Nova Launcher from the Play Store.

After installing it on the phone, we will have to search online for a design that we like and that matches the attractive fashion, which is traditionally represented by pastel colors and bows for the head.

Coquette status is recognized by the presence of pastel colors and feminine accessories. (information)

The image to be downloaded must be in PNG format for the trick to work. So it is better to put in the search engine: 'coquette PNG' or 'Moño coquette PNG', this way we are guaranteed to download in this format.

With everything ready we must follow the following steps:

1. Open the Nova Launche app.

2. Find the WhatsApp icon.

3. Click on it and open the editing option.

4. Click on the icon to change the design.

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5. Go to Applications.

6. Go to Gallery or Photos (where the image was downloaded).

7. Select the flirty photo.

8. Set the size and press Done to finish.

It is important to note that the change in the WhatsApp icon will only appear within Nova Launcher, which is an application that modifies the main interface of the cell phone within a standalone application. But if we go back to the original listing of the phone, we will see that the Meta platform logo is still the original.

This allows, if you are not satisfied with the operation of Nova Launcher, you can uninstall it and disable all changes without affecting the design of the original applications.

FILE PHOTO: Men stand with smartphones in front of the Whatsapp logo displayed in this illustration on September 14, 2017. REUTERS/Dado Rovik/File Photo

This style is characterized by its softness, delicacy and femininity, as it is inspired by the aesthetics of the Victorian era and romanticism. Colors such as pink, sky blue, mint green, pastel yellow and purple are the most commonly used, creating a pastel palette.

The basic elements of this fashion are accessories such as lace, bows, flowers and some fruits such as strawberries.They all contribute to highlighting the femininity of the wearer, as it is not only limited to formal style, but can also be used in casual clothes or on special occasions.

That is, to search for a WhatsApp icon image we can choose a big pink bow, some flowers in pastel colors or some designs with lace.

Illustrative image of the WhatsApp logo on a smartphone, September 15, 2017. Photograph: Dado Rovik/Reuters.

WhatsApp is rolling out an update that brings big changes to its mostly green interface, which was not available on the iPhone. This new version was implemented without warning for a month by the Meta-owned application in different regions of the world.

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The main new thing about it is that the platform leaves the blue color of the letters that it implemented last August and takes green as the main color in the channels and states area.

As well as in the notifications and widgets pane at the bottom of the screen, where the red notification color also turns green.

Another change is found in the menu that is displayed when sending a file from the application. What happens to the option icons? In a circle above the text bearing his name. It's also a little larger and no longer looks like a slate.