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Opening of a research center focusing on applied sciences

Opening of a research center focusing on applied sciences

The Patagonian Headquarters of San Sebastian University (USS) He added a fourth laboratory in the Magallanes Building on the Puerto Montt Campus (Los Lagos area), which will be dedicated to the work of researchers who have joined in advancing knowledge in the fields of virology and microbiology, hoping to add more disciplines.

“We seek that the problems of the region have appropriate answers from the region,” Reverse Vice-Chancellor for Research and PhD at the University of San Sebastian, Dr. Carlos Vu, at the opening ceremony of the Patagonia Research Center, of the Graduate School of Puerto Montt.

On this occasion, a research laboratory consisting of 145 square meters of infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to outstanding collaborative research was inaugurated at the USS. This facility joins the laboratories of applied biotechnology, biomedical sciences, and pharmaceutical disciplines that make up the so-called Patagonia Research Center.

the Dean of San Sebastian University, Carlos Williamson, He stated that this opening fulfills “the university’s deep desire to contribute through research, enhancing teaching and directly participating in regional development. We want to play our social role and contribute to the growth of our country.”

Regarding the investigation that will take place in the place, Carlos Vio added: “We have, in this way, the investigation capabilities, which we will continue to increase. In this case, there are topics directly related to the southern region such as zoonoses, virology in the case of Hantavirus and SARS-CoV- 2, immunology and fish virology, among other areas”.

Innovation is the hallmark of the Patagonian headquarters that encouraged the creation of this research center in the Magallanes Building on the Puerto Montt Campus. the Vice Chancellor, Sergio Hermosilla, He noted that “this was a dream to achieve and this is part of the strategic development plan for the headquarters with the establishment of this research center. It is the desire that drives us to become the standard in science in the south. We hope that this great center will give us answers to the needs of the region.”

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Attend the party Seremi of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation of the South Macrozone, Olga Barbosa, He highlighted work “in both human capital and new infrastructure for the region that focuses on the needs of the region. This reminds us of sovereignty in terms of seeking out issues that are relevant to our population, that are of regional relevance.”

the Dr. Marcus Godoy, a USS researcher with extensive scientific experience, said: That “This is a testament to the university’s commitment to addressing the country’s challenges through research. The pandemic has shown how through this system it is possible to contribute knowledge in an applied way.” It is worth noting that around 300,000 COVID-19 samples have been analyzed at the Applied Biotechnology Laboratory led by Dr. Godoy, enhancing the diagnostic capacity in Los Lagos.

Photos: San Sebastian University