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Open Mail Memorial Day 2021 weekend?

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Do you offer US Postal Service on Memorial Day weekend?

Is the post office open or closed on the weekends? Memorial Day 2021? Even if you know that mail isn’t delivered on Monday, May 31 for Memorial Day, you might still be wondering what happens on the Saturday and Sunday before the holiday. While regular services are still available on Saturdays, most services are not available on Sundays. Here are all the details.

Mail still to be delivered on Saturday May 29

Although Monday is a federal holiday and mail will not be delivered, you can still expect mail to arrive on Saturday, May 29. Federal holiday only applies to Monday and does not apply to Saturday’s mail.

On Sundays, mail is generally not delivered unless it is USPS Priority Mail Express or Amazon packages. Priority Mail Express can promise next day delivery arriving Sunday.

During some high-volume holidays like Christmas, The USPS can sometimes make an exception and offer packages In big cities and larger sites on Sundays. However, this is not the case on Memorial Day weekend.

Post offices are open on Saturdays

Post offices are also open on Saturdays, even if it is Memorial Day weekend. However, it will be closed as usual on Sunday and will remain closed during the Monday holidays. You should contact your post office if you plan to stop, as some close early on Saturdays.

Of course, the lobbies will remain open until Sundays and Mondays. So if you need to check a PO inbox or use a self-service kiosk, you can still do it on a Sunday or Monday. As long as you don’t need help from customer service, you can use the post office lobby area. To find a self-service kiosk available near you, go to Post office locator On USPS.com. From the drop-down menu, choose “Self-Service Kiosks” under “Location Type.” Then enter your city, state, or zip code. Then specify how far you would like to travel in the ‘Under’ category and click ‘Search’.

For those who need Sunday (or Monday) stamps, they are available for purchase at most grocery stores, drugstores, and convenience stores. Postal products and services are also available on the website www.usps.com, You can track a parcel, purchase stamps, suspend or forward mail, print mail online, enter a change of address, schedule a package receipt (for any day other than Veterans Day or other holidays), and obtain other relevant information.

It’s also worth noting that on some high-volume occasions, such as just before Christmas, some local post offices may choose to open their doors on Sundays, although they usually don’t. However, this is not the case on Memorial Day weekend.

According to the USPS websiteMain holidays with no delivery of mail and post office closures include:

• New Year’s Day
• Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.
• President’s Day
• Memorial Day
Independence Day (this year, since July 4 on Sunday, post offices will be closed on Monday, July 5).
• Work day
• Race Day
Veterans Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Christmas (this year, Christmas falls on a Saturday, so most federal employees consider December 24 a holiday in terms of leave and pay, according to the USPS).

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