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Only vaccinated people can enter hospitals in Puerto Rico

Only vaccinated people can enter hospitals in Puerto Rico

In line with the increase in the positive incidence of COVID-19 in hospitals in recent days, the Puerto Rico Hospitals Association announced this Thursday that it will take new measures to protect medical staff and patients.

“The appearance and impact of delta variability is of great concern, and for this reason, we recommend that hospitals take the following steps:

  • Evidence of vaccination is required for all patient visitors.
  • Encourage the availability of their vaccination centers to the group identified as not being vaccinated.
  • Continue to use the mask vigorously by all administrative and medical, visitors and contractors. Many hospitals in the United States already require vaccines, and the American Hospital Association (AHA) is demanding that the vaccine be made mandatory.

We are at a point where we can prevent infections and deaths if we have a problem with the Covit 19 virus or take the recommended measures in its new form, Delta, ”said Jaime Play Cortes, executive chairman of the hospital association. In Puerto Rico in written communications.

A spokesman for the Puerto Rico Hospitals Association said there is a broad movement of companies and hospitals that are very concerned about vaccinating everyone, so he suggested that people who have not been vaccinated should do so as soon as possible.

“Hospitals in Puerto Rico need to be actively involved in this effort to ensure that vaccines are needed and that staff and visitors are vaccinated. He finished.

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