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The bust of Federico Tecta has been stolen from a school in Ponce

The bust of Federico Tecta has been stolen from a school in Ponce

Bonn செயலாளர்s municipal secretary, Edgar Manolo Avilas, is located on Raina Street, at the municipality’s school named after him, in memory of Bonn politician Francisco Dektev y Gonzalez in connection with the theft this afternoon.

“It is a piece of bronze, worth about $ 20,000, but of greater historical significance to our city because it is a work of art intended to preserve the memory and traditions of Don Francisco Tecta, who was a Puerto Rican politician, lawyer and writer on the U.S. House of Representatives Not only was he the first resident commissioner, ”Avilas explained.

According to him, a complaint has already been lodged with the police that “there are investigating agents.” The bust was removed from the pedestal on which it was located.

“We ask the person with the bust, or anyone who knows the person or persons who took it, to return it. Let the authorities know where it can be recovered. This is part of the history of Bones and Puerto Rico. It is a legacy for our next generation, in the knowledge of our famous people.” No one has the right to snatch them from, ”he advised.

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