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Only 12% of companies provide emotional well-being to their employees

Only 12% of companies provide emotional well-being to their employees

Mental health has become more important over the years. In the labor scene Emotional well-being is one of the major challenges that businesses face They must respond to the new needs of employees.

In this sense, there is still a long way to go since, in general, corporate wellness programs involve financial and physical aspects, rather than emotional ones. In fact, according to ‘HR Trends Study 2023’produced by Sodexo Benefits and Incentives Only 12% of Spanish companies have emotional well-being programs for their employees Although for workers it is a decisive factor. This percentage varies depending on the number of employees in the company: it decreases to 2.8% in companies that have less than 50 employees, and rises to 17.6% in companies whose number of employees ranges from 51 to 250 employees, and reaches 20% in companies with more than 250 employees. .

The study reflects this as well The main reason why more than half of employees are dissatisfied with their benefits plans is because they consider them inadequate. Therefore, companies must improve their corporate well-being models by adding aspects related to emotional and psychological well-being, which at its core is implementing measures that contribute to taking care of the mental health of employees and help reduce stress.

The right level of people’s emotional well-being translates into a pleasant work environment, as well as happy and productive employees. So, Companies must work to create a professional environment through programs that enhance this aspect. Many of them are already thinking about it, and in fact, according to data from the same study, Emotional well-being programs It is the third benefit that companies that do not currently have a benefits program for their employees will incorporate, with a 23.1%which is the same percentage as other historically more common benefits such as Transport card Wave Contribute to a retirement plan.

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It is possible to mention some examples of how these programs can be integrated into the daily life of the company Psychological assistance It involves career counseling that goes hand in hand with employees at different stages of their working life. the Well-being programmes Businesses can help boost emotional intelligence and stress management through dialogue and exercises.

from their side, Reconciliation policies It can help reduce work stress by allowing a balance between the employee’s personal and family life, while… Flexible pay They provide services useful for daily living at a lower cost than if contracted individually.

according to Miriam Martin, Marketing and Communications Manager at Sodexo Benefits and Incentives“Promoting employees’ emotional well-being should be one of the main goals of companies, as having healthy work environments is essential for workers’ motivation and commitment to their company.”