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One of the world’s driest deserts is starting to bloom, where is it located?

One of the world’s driest deserts is starting to bloom, where is it located?

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Known for being One of the driest places in the worldNow strips of its usual barren sand appear covered with a profuse spread. White and purple flowers.

desert Atacamain the north Chili peppera natural phenomenon called “Pink Desert”It happens every few years when Ideal conditions for rain and temperature Awaken the dormant seeds in the desert.

It is usually seen in the spring, but The current flowering is exceptionally early.Coinciding with winter in the southern hemisphere, due to the rains caused by it ‘The Boy’It is a climatic phenomenon that affects Global climate.

During the events ‘The Boy’which raises regional temperatures and increases evaporation, a higher rate of rainfall occurs, which usually coincides with flowering in Atacama Desert.

According to a study conducted by 2022 Made by Pontifical Catholic University of ChileApproximately 15 flowering events have been recorded in The past 40 years.

according to Cesar Pizarroresponsible for the conservation of biodiversity in National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) In Chile, the current bloom has not yet reached the threshold needed to be officially recognized as part of the phenomenon known as “The flowering desert”.

It is expected that Upcoming rains may cause the flowers to cover a larger area.as mentioned. In 2022he Government of Chile I decided to create a new national park in the desert. Atacama To preserve these unique flowers, as well as Wildlife including insects, reptiles and birds.