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Omar Fernández sobre declaraciones de Gustavo

Omar Fernandez on Gustavo’s comments “looks like he got away”

The deputy reveals that he inherited the sympathy and hatred of the population towards his father, Lionel Fernandez.

Spokesperson for the Representatives of the Game popular powerOmar FernandezThis Thursday, consider that the congressman also Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Gustavo Sanchez, “Went away” Jokingly guarantees that in the political organization led by former President Lionel Fernandez “There is a king and a prince.”

During an interview on El Despertador, broadcast on Colorvisión 9, Omar Fernandez revealed that when he heard the news he questioned Sanchez about his statements, asking him to “not help him in this way”.

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“He himself answers me: No, it’s a joke. “You know I’d never think that’s the case…it looks like he dumped it in an interview or something,” Fernandez said.

Likewise, the president’s son Fernandez asserted that the organization he belongs to promotes that all militants who want to develop in politics are “very welcome”.

Fernández insisted that his election as spokesperson for the Popular Power deputies was by vote and consensus.

Omar Fernandez revealed that being the son of former president Lionel Fernandez has its pros and cons, while saying that he inherited the sympathy of the people who support the former president, as well as the hatred of those who do not share him. political vision.

“You inherit assets and liabilities in this. The one who loves Lionel, well, maybe I’ll take a bit of that; just as whoever doesn’t want to know about Lionel without knowing Omar doesn’t want to know about me either.”

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