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Raymond Arietta: "Don't make me cry because I haven't made a move yet"

Raymond Arietta: “Don’t make me cry because I haven’t made a move yet”

Humacao. – The fourteenth edition of the march “Give life a walk with Raymond” What does the painter do? Raymond Ariettafor patients Cancer Hospital in Puerto Rico I started this afternoon, with a different nuance, special and personal to the comedian.

For the first time, the steps Arita will take on a six-day trip dedicated to someone in his family facing cancer. The disease, which accompanied thousands of people, knocked on the door of his house. The comedian’s father, Ramon Arrieta, has cancer, and the host of Telemundo “Raymond and friends” will dedicate the 14th edition that began today to Marcelo Trujillo Panisse Coliseum in Humacao.

Yesterday, Arita revealed his father’s condition during an interview on Telemundo’s “Día a Día”, which is reviving with his colleague Dagmar, who in the past suffered from cancer.

The artist said that his father underwent surgery, is undergoing treatment and is in very good spirits. However, the only thing his father regrets is “he hasn’t been here for the next 14 years”.

For the announcer, talking about his father a few minutes after the start of the rally that began at 3:08 p.m. caused a slap in the throat and a short scream that stopped immediately so he could control his emotions and not collapse.

“Don’t make me cry because I haven’t made a move yet,” Arietta warned before starting the rally on the sidelines with the media.

“Everyone who is here has someone to walk for” and this time will be special for him “because I never imagined it would affect us,” Arita explained.

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As in previous editions, Arrieta becomes emotionally strong and anxious at the same time, before leaving the action, unaware of what the stories will be like along the way.

He realizes that during this walk, he will be the one to receive expressions of solidarity and encouragement on many occasions in the face of his father’s condition. The fact of realizing that this could happen, causes a range of feelings to surface among the tears.

“I left the house this morning and went to buy lunch in front of the house and the first thing a person would say to me is blessings to your father (crying). This was my lunch. But I have this (pointing to glasses) and it’s my trick. It’s going to be a very emotional and tearful outing. The rise and fall of emotions. That’s what It hurts more than my hips for six miles,” revealed the presenter who intends to complete this edition and “thank God” hopes that his father will participate in the 2023 march.

In his career of more than a decade, Arita admits that psychological, emotional, and physical strength is required, which is sometimes broken by thousands of stories about cancer patients and their families. However, neither he nor the rest of the thousands of people accompanying him in this commendable act were removed, since they all represented the fight against the disease.

“The hardest thing is you don’t know what you’re going to face. He was talking to (Hermes) Croatia on the way he was teaching him stories from the age of 14. Like a young woman who once came screaming for an autograph and she was going to take her to her mother who was in the hospital and when she got to the hospital Her mother died of cancer, and the girl returned with a T-shirt that read, “Mom, I’m late but I made it. They are powerful stories and make anyone cry. “You have to learn to cry,” he said.

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The lieutenant colonel indicated that the specific collection target was not set to “not put this pressure on me”.

Last year, this rally was unusual since in December, between the pandemic and six days of rain, they managed to top more than $1,800,000.

The presenter of the “Day by Day” program started the walk with Alexandra Fuentes, Alex DJ, Hermes Croato, Oscaretto, Willito Otero The rest of the volunteer team was among the dozens of people who chanted his name. The same collective cry was present for cheerleader Alexandra Fuentes. The atmosphere of the exit is always provided with great enthusiasm and optimism on the part of pedestrians. It is a very emotional event.

Arrieta, in addition to dedicating the rally to his father, dedicates the act to Dia Día director Pedro Alicia, and the late Elia García Torres, who was the president of the Puerto Rican Cancer Control League and died on July 4.

The first day’s trek is 8.4 miles and ends at Malecon de Nagwabo. Pedestrians have left Marcelo Trujillo Panisse Coliseum in Humcao on their way along PR 3 heading east toward Naguabo, where they should arrive tonight.

Arrieta and his team are resting in the municipality and will resume tomorrow Thursday the 10.2 mile route from Naguabo to Ceiba. Departure in the morning from Malecón de Naguabo on PR 3 in the direction of the metropolitan area.

The rally will culminate on Monday, August 22 with the final section from Loíza to Carolina, which includes approximately 9.4 miles.

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The closure of “Da Vida Caminando con Raymond” will be in the parking lot of Guillermo Angulo Coliseum, where the march ends and where the “Día a Día” program will be broadcast, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. on Telemundo. Today the Carolina Metropolitan Bus Authority (AMA) route will be affected.

On this occasion, due to COVID-19, there will be no programming at night at access points.

Donations are collected through sponsors, the sale of T-shirts and hats at Me Salvé, and money collected on the street while walking. Merchandise in Me Salvé stores is still available.