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Olympia launches a medical unit for prevention, longevity and integrative medicine

Olympia launches a medical unit for prevention, longevity and integrative medicine

Today, after 26 centuries, with the proven longevity of our days, almost all standards of medicine have changed. Indeed, it is no longer a matter of curing, but also of avoiding disease, and thus of achieving a quality of life in old age, which, surely, we could not have had if we had not done our part for it. That inescapable part of the doctor, of course, but above all else, that other essential part of the patient. You will stop being a passive subject in counseling to take control of your health.

With these wicks, the Prevention, Longevity and Comprehensive Medicine Unit was born in Olympia, Quirónsalud’s new personalized service center for health care and improvement. This assumes the existence of a globalized attention distributed not only among the various organs of the body, but also the sharing of space and time with state of mind, emotions, or stress control. A complete picture of health inside and out. The head of the unit, Dr. José Francisco Tinao, points out that the patient will be the central element in this whole process, the hero, “but for that they must be involved in their health. You have to teach him to make him aware of the things he must do for himself and help him. And with this The method will become independent for the future.”

To finally achieve this independence, each patient will be cared for by a team of professionals in a coordinated manner, which, along with conventional care, a clinical history book or physical examination for the usual analyses, modern biochemical analyzes will rub shoulders, genetic and biophysical, “providing us with information It’s impossible to find in the traditional way.” The scenario presented by Dr. Tinao is a paraphrase of Paco Ibanez, a present full of a future, because what is really needed is healthy aging, disease avoidance, and anticipation through health promotion and education, so that we improve the quality of life without deteriorating more than is necessary due to the undesirable manifestation of disease.

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How do we move towards this country? Using genetic studies, the latest polymorphisms, which determine the potential risk of developing certain diseases. “Precious, accurate information that allows us to act, block the expression of these genes and reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular disease, rheumatism, autoimmune disease, diabetes, and degenerative diseases.” And for the sample button: Liver. Each person is a world and each liver is a personal expression. There, genetically, they are very good and this allows them to work very quickly. But others, without getting sick, have a much slower rhythm. If you know its properties, you can prevent the possibility of developing a disease. However, this intervention does not mean medicalizing them, but rather starting to do things that reduce that risk, such as changing their diet or developing a specific physical exercise program,” says Olympia Director of the Medicines Unit for Prevention, Longevity and Holistic Medicine.

Which is that by taking control of our health, nutrition is placed, voluntarily or unconsciously, at the center of our daily development. As we live more and more years, when we fashion undesirable chronic diseases and when we suffer the disabilities of aging, it turns out that the way we eat just about everything. Dr. Tenau is a vocal advocate of nutritional learning. “We have to explain and get people to understand why choosing the right diet is so important, because, for example, following an anti-inflammatory diet, knowing how to eat breakfast, knowing what a person eats and being interested in choosing it can be essential in a global approach that every one of your health.” But not only. The immune system is also another pillar of maintaining optimal health and it is necessary to take care of it, because according to experts, the immune system is one of the tools of aging associated with diseases that deteriorate us and reduce our quality. life.

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That is why, in order to address our health as a whole in order to counteract healthy aging, José Francisco Tinao considers the creation of the Unit of Medicine for Prevention, Longevity and Integrated Medicine in Olympia important, because “by studying a person globally as a team through innovative methods, we cannot analyze habits We can check not only the functions of the gastrointestinal tract and liver, as well as the hidden presence of micronutrient deficiencies, viruses that have lost the natural balance with our immune system or with a new reality that already exists: environmental toxins that interfere with metabolic reactions” that facilitate diseases and their consequences. . Dr. Tenau looks to the future and its future with optimism when he concludes that “controlling these multiple factors provides us with incredible action options to prevent the development and progression of diseases and thus manage our time.”