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Graduation of Specialist Ophthalmology from the Institute of Vision Sciences (ICV)

Graduation of Specialist Ophthalmology from the Institute of Vision Sciences (ICV)

The Vision Sciences Committee of the Instituto Benírito Blind and Deaf in Guatemala held a graduation ceremony for eight ophthalmologists specializing in subspecialties (the fellows programme).

The specialist ophthalmologists are from Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador, Belize and Guatemala, who are postgraduate ophthalmologists at the Institute of Vision Sciences (ICV) of the Merit Committee, who have completed their extensive training in a specific area of ​​the eye, in the specialties of the anterior segment, and Pediatric, vascular retinal, ophthalmic diagnosis, visual impairment.

The graduation ceremony was held in the facilities of the Eye and Ear Hospital Dr. Rodolfo Robles Valverde in District 11 Guatemala City, and was attended by officials from the Institute of Vision Sciences Dr. Juan Carlos García de la Riva, President of the Institute of Vision Sciences. And doctors from the Faculty of the Institute of Vision Sciences, expressing their satisfaction with the achievements made in training specialized ophthalmologists, motivating them to achieve their goals, performance with high values ​​and professional quality.

Members of the Merit Committee Board of Directors attended the graduation ceremony.

Magister Maria de los Angeles de Rueda, Chair of the Board of Merit Committee, congratulated and expressed an emotional message to the graduates urging them to continue in their profession in the visual health service, after the charm of the service. This is a worthy institution.

We congratulate the doctors Alejandra Castaneda Kirsti, Evelyn del Busto Wilhelm, Andy Xavier Alvarenga Deras, Maria Isabel Matthew Estrada, Gilda Maria Rivera Roldan, Blanca Rosa Omania Ordonez, Nidia Sara Ortiz Lopez, Edison Leonardo.

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The Postgraduate Studies in Ophthalmology from the Institute of Vision Sciences is accredited by the Francisco Marroquin University School of Medicine and enjoys great prestige and international recognition.

The Honorable Commission for the Blind and Deaf in Guatemala, is a leading institution in the field of prevention and care for visual and auditory health in Guatemala.