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The La Plata Museum Foundation featured prominent figures in the natural sciences

The La Plata Museum Foundation featured prominent figures in the natural sciences

During Saturday afternoon, the institution La Plata Museum An awards ceremony was held for eminent figures in the field of natural sciences, and the Fernando Lahill Award was presented to researcher Samuel “Tito” Narowski.

In an emotional ceremony held in the packed hall of the La Plata Museum, Narowski received the main award given to outstanding figures in the field of natural sciences who, through their work, have demonstrated an enduring interest in sharing their knowledge with society.

The sixth edition of this honor was granted by the Francisco Pacacio Moreno Museum, affiliated with the La Plata Foundation, and sponsored by the French Embassy in Argentina, the Azara Foundation, and the Cotaria Foundation.

At the time of receiving the medal, Narowski said he was deeply moved by the award, which he shared with friends and family in attendance, and recalled the beginning of his fascination with “paradise,” as he called nature, when he was 10 years old experiencing it for the world. I came into contact for the first time with the flora and fauna of a rural area and was impressed by these treasures.

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Samuel “Tito” Narowski was honored by the La Plata Museum Foundation with the Fernando Lahill Award.

The winner received a diploma, a crest, and a replica of the owl, a representation of the pre-Columbian art as a symbol of wisdom. In previous editions, the winners were researchers Ricardo Bastida, Jorge Rabasa, Diego Golombek, Anibal Barrera and Rodrigo Cajade.

Winners were selected based on proposals submitted by the nation's natural science institutions, including professional societies.

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All honors from the La Plata Museum Foundation

During the ceremony, the “Emile Cottaret Award” was presented to the distinguished doctor in physics, Norma Sanchez. A sincere posthumous tribute was given to Dr. Maria Estela Mansour.

The Lopez Merino library complex in La Plata also featured; Florentino Amighino Library in the Museo de la Plata, and the Inca Huasi Museums in La Rioja; Carlos Darwin of Punta Alta; Jesoy Pedro Noceda of Luberia; Pumacawa founded Villa Rumibal, Cordoba; Miguel Lillo from Tucuman; Journalists for the Planet; Scientific Society Aves Argentinas and the Argentine Geological Society.


The award ceremony was held at the La Plata Museum located on Paseo del Bosque.

In another part of the event, artists Diego Gonzalez Zevallos, Laura Blanco and Sofía Lopez Mañán were honored; nature photographers Gabriel Rojo and Dario Podesta; naturalists Fidel Pachetto, Adriana Vallejos, and Claudia Chibar; And journalists Sergio Elguizabal and Sergio Rinaldi and Radio Nacional de la Plata University. Meanwhile, Mariano Bond, Julio Emilio Stampone and Pablo Javier Junco were honored for publishing and culture.

The event was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at UNLP, Eduardo Croce; Director of the La Plata Museum, Analia Lantieri; President of the Museums Foundation, Louis Mansour; and the French Consul in La Plata, Alejandro Lucelli Bernard, among other authorities.