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Ocaña celebrates its beauty, health and wellness expo this weekend

Ocaña celebrates its beauty, health and wellness expo this weekend

This weekend the municipality of Ocaña is the main stage of the Beauty, Health and Wellness Fair, an event organized by the local Chamber of Commerce and with the support of the municipal administration.

This event not only focused on the commercial sphere, but also included a sporting component, motivating the people of Ocaña and the province to participate in physical activities. The combination of commerce, sports and luxury created a dynamic and engaging environment for attendees.

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The exhibition serves as a prelude to a major marathon that will be held on Sunday in the presence of important figures such as the Minister of Sports, Governor of Norte de Santander, William Villamizar Laguado, The Chamber’s representative, Ciro Antonio Rodriguez Pinzon, among other local and regional officials.

The Minister of Economic Development and Productivity, Olger Lopez, highlighted the importance of these events, starting with the Health, Beauty and Well-Being Expo: “This space was able to allow just over 40 entrepreneurs to showcase their business ideas this Saturday… These initiatives aim to promote this The production line of Ocaña Province. “It’s a great time for us to enjoy a family atmosphere together.”

This initiative reflects the commitment of local and administrative authorities to promote entrepreneurship and promote healthy lifestyles in the community.

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Ocanero Coffee Week – June 26-29: Today, Saturday, 29 coffee farmers exhibited an experience for coffee lovers!

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Health, Beauty & Wellness Expo – Saturday 29th June: The latest trends and services in health, beauty and wellness in the main garden.

Ocaña Half Marathon – Sunday 30 June: The first half marathon in the municipality with more than 1400 registered participants.

Renault Showroom 4 – from June 29 to July 1: Celebrating 54 years of Renault 4 in Colombia. Come and enjoy a unique exhibition featuring 80 entrepreneurs in the field of handicrafts and gastronomy.

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